Do you think christians are portaited badly?

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I’m part of a Christian family and my parents are like this. Personally I accept it all, but their are people who don’t believe this is right.

no, it’s on the person. I am not from a religious family. most people where I live arent but we are all Christians.

I actually have a friend who is a priest. we became friends because I saw him with a Hufflepuff scarf. he is very accepting of the LGBT community( i live in Denmark the first country to make gay marriage legal. but it was not legal in a church that we first did in 2012 )

what I often see is that people are not mean because of religion. they just use it as an excuse. or they have been told multiple times its wrong. so that is what they think.


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Yes they are
Too many stories have the christain characters as bigoted/holier than thou/Judgmental types…

One story i read where the MCs mom was an overbearing christain mother cuz she wanted the MC to dress modestly(which those outfits were cuter and i like) the MC hates it all of course…
In the nxt scene the MC has a scarf covering her chest(school uniform) and a guy comes and takes off the scarf looks at her chest and says" i didnt recognize u wth all tht clothing on" ITS A SCARF…

Or in any story they use christianity as a plot device so u can feel sorry for gay characters(no offense) cuz all christains are evil and rude…even if u dont support lgbt Christains are ppl not everyone who doesnt support lgbt is a bigot or a jerk or close minded or should be painted as evil just educated…there are good and bad ppl everywhere

Serously its sucky…not all christains are jerks nor do we “shove our religion down ppls throats” just because u say something that is of God ppl think you are acting like ur better or preaching…im tired of seeing stories with Christain characters that are the villians cuz of our faith


I haven’t read any stories with Christians. I’ve always seen stories that have Muslim characters. I don’t think they are always portrayed negatively, but there are homophobic/racist Christians. I have dealt with homophobic Christians and I just have a horrible experience with religion, but there’s no reason for me to portray every single one in a negative light.

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Christians in stories are always judgemental, and only ever constantly shown in lgbt stories


Not all christians are against gays though - you can be a good christian and still support gays. So yes, a lot of christian characters on Episode are portrayed as people who hate gays and kick their child out of the house if they get pregnant before marriage - at least show the good side of Christianity and that there are good people out there who follow the religion.


Yes, but the majority of the Episode community on the app show Christians as strict people who hate gays and curse their child for having sex before marriage. We’re asking for a wider variety of views of nicer and accepting Christians.


I don’t really read any story about religion cause I don’t believe in it :sweat_smile:

Most stories aren’t about religion, but for EG if the MC’s parents are Christian, and the MC gets pregnant, 99% of the time, the MC gets kicked out of the house - we’d like to see less of this lol


I can’t stand pregnancy stories :joy: Most of the times I stop reading



Yes they are

many laws are against violence. does that stop people from committing murder?

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Yup 100%, I mean I’m a Christian and I’m not homophobic, and I’ve noticed that most Christians in the stories I’ve read are blatantly homophobic and/or hold other types of prejudice. But when I see things like that I just stop reading the story all together :roll_eyes: