Do you think christians are portaited badly?



I am part of a Christian family, and they are all a bunch of homophobes because of their religion. I went to a religious school all my life, and just when I started what many of you call middle school, we were practically brainwashed to be like that, too. In fact, I was one of them until I decided to turn my back on religion for this and many other reasons unrelated to the issue at hand.

Should all Christians be portrayed this “badly” in Episode? Of course not. I have met plenty of them who are open-minded and accepting in real life, but if some Christians are portrated the way I just described them, portrayed “badly”, how can that be bad portrayal, when it actually happens? :woman_shrugging:t4:


So when you went to middle school, you were brainwashed to be homophobic? Interesting…


Honestly in my eyes the issue is that Christians are barely ever portrayed in anyway on episode because there’s barely any religious stories.


also true but when they are, they usually put them in LGTBQ stories and make them look bad…


There’s an amazing story called Sharing the Gospel. If you’re looking for a primo Christian story, it’d be that ^^ By Leslie Loo <3 <3 Also another story where religion plays a role would be But I Love You, by Anonymouse <3


There is genuinely a systemic issue with people in power using Christianity as an excuse to judge others and to justify bigotry. I don’t think that should be ignored, but we should also acknowledge that there are Christians who are good people. A lot of LGBTQ+ organizations keep listings of local places of worship that are LGBTQ+ friendly, and those lists can get really long. More recently, when the leadership within the United Methodist Church spoke lot against LGBTQ+ rights, a lot of churches within that denomination began speaking out against that decision. So there are clearly a lot of Christians who don’t fit the usual portrayal, and should be shown as well.

What I see as the issue is more that there’s a lack of nuance in the way people portray religion. They want to show the negative because it creates drama, but often avoid showing other facets of Christianity, or acknowledging that Christianity isn’t some absolute monolith.


I agree, that was really well said.


I hate it when people say Christian’s don’t support LGBTQ+. I’m fine with people being LGBTQ+ and I don’t think it’s some work of the devil. Some authors should realise this and portray us Christians in a better light :smile:


True. Christians can support LGBTQ+. Jesus loves all of us so…I’m still confused why every story is either about running away from Christianity or a religious bigot is added for drama. I’m writing a story where Christians are portrayed in a better way, and hopefully people will realise. :grin:




That’s true.


woah dude
Christians aren’t all bad. They are portrayed badly. Most of us are not homophobic. We love everyone, including the lgbtq+ community.


Here’s an example of a christian in a story being portrayed well:
The Grandma from instant princess (sorry I forgot her name)

  • She is christian
  • She supports her granddaughter even though she is bi
  • She does not shove religion down the granddaughters throat
  • She does not bash the bible
  • She is not homophobic and treats all with love and respect

Yes some of the christian denomination are homophobic. But most of us love. Sometimes I’m even scared to say I’m christian because I know people will group me with the homophobes and the bible bashes, and will automatically hate me based on their experience with christians in their life.


You think the Bible bashes people? I am a Christian, and I can agree with you on people hating on us because of what we believe in. People don’t like Christian people these days, while others have no problem with them.


Bible bashers = people who constantly shove religion down others throats, while acting as if they are holier than thou. Often they misuse verses from the bible and take them out of context to promote their own agenda :slight_smile:


Bible bashers are nothing more than religious people; that’s what I call them. They do try to force their religion on other people. It’s not right what they do because people have free will. A lot them take scriptures out of context. It irritates me when they do that.


That’s what I said lol


I agree that people missuse bible verses. I have nothing wrong with lgbtq+ and I think Jesus and God love us all equally, no matter our race or sexuality. :grin:


Yes, God does love each individual person :raised_hands:t3:


No, it’s not as easy as that. Because if we follow the same part of the Bible where it tells us not to “lie with a man in the same way you would a woman”, we’d also not be allowed to cut the sides of our hair or wear clothing with mixed fabrics. The Old Testament has largely been fulfilled, and all other references that people take to mean homosexuality are either about sexual immorality or sodomy.

Sexual immorality is very broad and very vague. There’s no evidence to support Homosexuality being part of that. In sodom, the people did many evil things. Thinking it means homosexuality is also a massive assumption. It only means that now because of years of assumptions.

In the English language, we didn’t even have a word for homosexuality, even by the 1600s, yet they still used the word Sodomy, because it doesn’t mean the same thing.

Furthermore, Jesus tells Christians to love thy neighbour. He never says “only if they’re straight”. He also says to worry about our own sins (the “log” in your eye) before you criticise others (the “speck in your neighbour’s eye”). He tells us not to judge others and treats everyone with respect. Christians are called to do the same, whether they agree with homosexuality or not. It’s not up to them and they have no right to be openly homophobic — nor do they have any ground to blame the Bible for their views if they understand things like historical context.

That’s why the Pope himself told a gay man that God made him the way he is and God loves him.