Do you think christians are portaited badly?


Not all Christians are portrayed badly in stories, it just depends on how the author wants the story plot to be about, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily giving out a bad name for Christians.


Have you found any with good portrayals of Christians? I’d love to know so I can give them a read.


You can find plenty of them in Wattpad, especially ones that don’t discriminate against the LGBT community. Or if you mean in Episode, then you can look for them as well I aint implying that every single story portray a good image for Christians, as they do depend on what kind of plot its based on.


But I mean, if you can’t name any, how can you say that Christians aren’t portrayed badly on Episode? I mean, it’s worrying if the person claiming there are good depictions can’t even name one. Burden of proof and everything.


Plus, we don’t really talk about Wattpad stories in the Episode Fan Community section. That’s for Episode stories.


I said,
Some christians will be portrayed badly in stories, depending on the plot, if the author wants it to be that way then that’s how its gonna be.


But where’s your proof that there are stories with good portrayals of Christians on Episode? Like, I originally asked you because I’ve been on Episode since the beginning and I haven’t found a single one yet so I’d love to find them.

So I asked someone who claimed they exist, since if you claim they exist, you must have read at least one

But you made a claim you can’t even back up.


Campus Crush, Tangled Love, Silver Lining, Envy, none of these stories bash the LGBT community,as this thread creator claims.


And exactly which of the characters in those stories (most of which are featured, which is weird) are referred to as Christians in the story?


If you’re actually asking that, then what’s the point of this thread anyway, cause the last time I checked they never point out the christians in a story. I’m pointing out what the thread creator said about bashing the LGBT community.


So you’re making assumptions that these characters are Christian? Why would they be Christian if it’s never mentioned?


If someone’s religion isn’t mentioned, it doesn’t automatically make them Christian. It’s not like people are born Christian and they join other religions later in life :joy:




I literally just said that in stories they never point out which characters are christian or jewish or whatever religion they’re from, but the fact that this thread talks about Christian characters in stories going against certain topics, or basically giving christians a bad image isn’t the whole point of Episode stories.


Yes, because the few times Christians are in stories, they’re homophobic.


Tangled Love has no Christians in it, for one. Being white and from the Western world doesn’t automatically make you Christian. France is one of the most secular countries in the world at the moment, and I don’t ever see Bella go to church in Sunday’s. Do you?


That’s true, I’ve seen stories where the parents disagree with their childs sexuality many times before. And, I was specifically pointing out some stories that don’t involve Christians being homophobic.


But the stories that don’t have homophobic Christians in them… don’t have Christians in them.


We can’t have a good portrayal in a story if we’re not in it


I don’t remember any Christians in Envy either, so correct me if I’m wrong