Do you think christians are portaited badly?


Then that’s the whole point, I’m trying to say that authors don’t specifically call out a character as a “Christian” or atheist or some shit, because it doesn’t matter at all.


If it doesn’t matter to them, why mention the stories on a thread about Christians portrayal in stories?


It does matter. Being Christian is a huge part of the way people live. The point is that someone’s religion is never pointed out unless they’re homophobic or against abortion.

You don’t need a character going around saying “I’m Christian” all the time. It’s the simple things that show it. Like saying “I’ll speak after church” in passing or something


This is what the thread claims, which is true in most stories. After watching Carrie, I did create something like it. Homosexuality wasn’t mentioned in the story yet, but the mother was overwhelmingly religious, and did limit her daughter’s life. -which would come down to her bisexuality too-

So yes, mother was a bad Christian, dad wasn’t whatsoever, but the story’s “life” was finished before I could get to him. So I understand if someone thinks Christians are portrayed badly, because I’ve seen it, I did it.

Unless you have an actual evidence that a character is Christian and is portrayed good, there’s no need to say “some of them will be bad, some of them will be good”. Cause I’m not seeing good, neither are others.


And I’m not saying you can’t have secular stories with agnostic characters in. What most of us are saying is that writers only call characters Christians when they’re being horrible.




Yeah! It’s either that religion is limiting and the MC needs to get away from it and find her own feet, or it’s homophobic and she needs to question the church as well. That or Georgia happens and all the religious people blame a schoolgirl for the teacher being predatory


Or, you know, crazy religious family who rejects science hates anyone who has an abortion.


I just realized I took the subject the wrong way :joy:
Homophobia is not a good thing and it shouldn’t be a hot topic in stories, sorry for the misunderstanding I should’ve read the thread better, but yes authors should have a better perspective on Christians, and I do think Episode has to do something about these “crazy religious family stories”


I’d say the story Crystallized is a good example of this. It’s a good story I won’t lie but that doesn’t diffuse the point that the story does portray this exact issue with Christians. Int he description it says: College freshman Izzy grapples with who she is during her first year at school. Will she embrace her bisexuality or will her religious upbringing stop her? I’m surprised no one brought this out.


Is it a popular story or what?


Yes. It won a contest.


That description just made me lose my brain cells


:joy: It’s a nice story but come on–The author made her mother like any other “strict, homophobic christian” in stories. You’d think this would have been more unique but it’s just the same.


Oh baby I’ve read stories with these types of mothers before.


@ShanniiWrites - But I Love You and Sharing the Gospel are a couple of my favorite stories on the app and they portray lovely Christian people. <3


Thanks! I’ll check them out!


Based on reading these comments, I’m really starting to think if I’m the weird one here.


I’ve never heard of that story, but I’d love to check it out :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t say that they hate people for having an abortion; they don’t like the idea of having an abortion if that makes sense. However, I can see what you’re saying because religious people would despise a person who has an abortion. No one can tell anyone what to do with their bodies because we don’t have control over them. All they can do is pray for them :slight_smile: :open_hands:t4: