Do you think christians are portaited badly?


I mean in stories, honey. Not Christians in real life. How do you know what stories I’ve read and how the characters feel in those stories?


I don’t know.


So what was your point?


Well, I don’t think Christians should be portrayed as being a bad person in a story. If that’s case, they would be called religious Christians. There’s a difference between a religious Christian and a Christian that is a believer. They both are different in some ways. For example, a religious Christian would look down on a person who is of the world because they’re nothing like them; whereas a believer would help them and love them no matter what background they come from. I hope I explained it correctly.


Hope I didn’t trigger anybody by saying that.


Whenever I do see the Christian religion being mentioned in Episode stories, it’s always the parents who are raging homophobes so uh yeah I think they’re portrayed pretty badly lmao


When did I say it should happen? I’m saying that Christians aren’t being portrayed well now. Please read properly first.


I know what you said. I felt the need to clear some things up a bit :slight_smile:


You felt the need to clear up that the Christians in the stories I’ve read aren’t the way I said they are?!


I never said that Christians in real life hate people who have abortions. I said that Christians in the Episode stories I read hate people who have abortions.




Why don’t you read before jumping to conclusions?


Woah, woah, I just wanted to make a comment. Sorry for triggering you.


It’s not about triggering. It’s just about actually replying to what I said instead of some other random stuff.


Okay…I literally thought I replied to what you said.


But I said that Christians are portrayed badly, and one of those bad portrayals in stories is Christians who hate people who have abortions.

If I actually thought Christians hated people who have abortions, why would I say that’s a bad portrayal? It’s a bad portrayal because it’s rarely true.

Also, I am Christian.


I see what you’re saying. Maybe I have to go back and reread what you said because I think I misread what you meant.


Maybe the issue is not that Christians are portrayed badly, because I think we can all agree that there is a part of Christians that take it too far. Clearly, the problem is that the “my Christian relatives are homphobic and are against abortion” trope is overused. As a result, you get countless stories that are all the same and portray this religion in particular in a negative light.

So basically, what we have here is another trending “cliché” many dislike because it is either controversial or way too recycled. Add it to the list: bad boys, pregnant teens, falling in love with your kidnapper, your homophobic Christian family disowns you because you are gay, etc :woman_shrugging:t4:


I think the problem is that it’s almost all Christians in Episode stories that act really badly. In reality it’s not even the majority that act like that


I think people use it because that’s probably all they know about Christian people. I think it’s pretty biased because it isn’t true. I don’t know :woman_facepalming:t4: