Do you think christians are portaited badly?


I think the real problem here is the vocal minority. Of course we’re going to hear about the horrible Christians on the news. I mean, what’s interesting to the media about a Christian just being a good person?



And plus it’s usually the bigoted Christians who go around sharing their views. Most of the good Christians aren’t trying to force their POV down people’s throats




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I’m a Christian but I’m honestly pretty happy to know I’m not apart of these Christian stereotypes. Ik there’s a lot of things we believe that can go against what a lot of people think, but I always tend to remind people I’m no where near perfect because Ik a few Christians who honestly try to make themselves seem all holier then anyone else and honestly that turns me away from a few. I have my beliefs but I’ve never had hatred or rudeness to anyone that believed differently I mean I believe that my God never said to be rude and homophobic anyways. So here I am I’m no where near that honestly. So yeah I believe they’re looked at badly but I also believe it’s because a lot of people shift their views onto the Christians that are doing more rude things then good and they get the recognition.



Ohh okay.

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I do agree with you :slight_smile: I am Christian myself. There are many people in the world who think Christians are bad people based on what they heard and what they do on television. We’re humans just like people of the world, but we believe in different things.



Right! Like some of us just don’t take it to the extreme and are cruel to people. But I still love how some of us keep and stay firm to our beliefs I mean who wouldn’t that’s what we believe and passionate about, but of course some people just don’t know that because they don’t see that the most.

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I would not know, I barely watch or read the news, but like I said, I only speak for my country, where, in this case, these kind of Christians are not a minority. Not a majority, either, but definitely not a minority.

Still, seeing this from your perspective, you are obviously right.

Definitely. I could not agree more.



I know right.

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