Do you think Episode needs to change?


Please list your thoughts and explain why.

I personally would change the feature stories and the way we earn gems and passes.


I think there should be a change in what is featured and created by Episode themselves. Instead of focusing on the drug dealers dressed in dirt-cheap leather, why don’t they focus on genres such as fantasy. (Hands down, fantasy is a community genre and when it’s pulled off, then it’s better than any sexy story), if Episode begins to introduce to the sex obsessed readers that there’s more to the “Sex with the boss sequel” and they can properly enjoy good and iconic episode stories. Episode can only change and better their reputation, once they have a reason to have a better reputation… and sex stories aren’t the way to go.


Everything and anything on this world need to be improved


Episode need to respect their own guidelines OR change it.

Hypocrisy is pathetic.


I agree with you 100%. I read some great fantasy stories. But I feel like Episode would run with the werewolf plot.:woman_facepalming:t6:


I think there should be more ways to get your story out there, for new authors it’s really difficult.

Maybe an “Adult”-Category would be great, so all this discussing about stories being suitable for 13years-olds can stop.


Exactly !


I think they should expand the new stories section. Instead of having new stories end up at the bottom of ranks.

I love the idea of the adult section. It would be so much easier to search for stories that I can relate to. Because I’m tired of looking through high school stories. :weary:


I agree about respecting their own guidelines. They did create it.:rofl: I’m stressing out about saying the D word in my story. Then the story in my bed pops up. :woman_facepalming:t6::woman_shrugging:t6:


Maybe an easier way to find stories would be great as well, with filters or something.
So I can decide if I want a fantasy or drama story and if I only want completed stories (I hope anyone gets what I mean)


I get what you’re saying. They should have like recommended stories. Based off what we play in the app.


They can have funny stories too (Zack and Cody, Jessie or Hannah Montana)
they are cool and will bring a lot of reader back
(The readers of episode are increase but if episode team didn’t do anything except write story about bad boy stuff, the readers will maybe get low :frowning:


I do think we need to improve more on INK with the coding, don’t get me wrong it’s easy as pie coding in ink for me though there is not much options than there is on Limelight.

If they are going to keep ink updated they should give new animations and loads more props.


I wish featured stories would have a report button.

  • Episode needs to stop being hypocrites. Their stories contain almost everything which isn’t in the guidelines. I thought ‘It Starts With a Bra’ was bad but the new story is worse. Episode’s guidelines you can only show nudity in a tasteful way, the choices which make the characters nude in In the Bed are not tasteful in any way.

  • I wish there were more Episode comedies.


To be honest, us as the community should be changing that by making stories that Episode doesn’t make.


The ammount of prego by someone in my family stories is huuuge.

And THAT is not Episode fault


It’s frustrating for the community. They’re plenty of authors, that makes premium content. But they don’t have enough support from episode. It’s even harder for us to find these stories as well.




Episode needs to stop making stories they think will entertain their horny, pubescent readers. If people need to read an Episode story to get off, that’s their business. But there are actually a lot of mature readers too who appreciate a story for its plot and character development. Not “oh look a bad boy! Swoon! Let me drop my panties!”