Do you think episode should add animals?


I feel like episode should add animals… just a thought. Not overlays, but overlays are good and all but having a real dog “character” would be amazing.


I think it would be a great idea but it would take a lot of hard work since they would have to develop a whole new page, new assets, new customisation, etc…


Hell. Yes.



Definitely. It is nice that Limelight has those cute purse pets, but I want more.


Yeah. Imagine how we could use them. One author can use a white colored cat named Waffles who’s the pet of a girl MC who found out that the bad boy got with another girl and Waffles is purring beside her while she is crying away for that jerk (Just a thought. Take no offense on the bad boy part, guys!). Another author can show the whole she-bang. You know - white house, picket fence, two point five kids, a dog (mainly Fox Terrier) chasing the kids - etc. Some of the authors can also show how a dog or cat has superpowers and wants to save the world. It meets the MC (who may or may not have superpowers but too wants to help the world in some way) and together they save the world (I know, a Bolt parody). Others can write a story of a MC who works for some pet adoption fundraisers and goes door-to-door for money or to make them adopt a pet. It’s all your imagination, guys. But, I say yes to #GoEpisodeAnimals!



Yes! I want that. :smiley:

I think I saw something on Youtube a while ago about that? What happened with that? It was about animals, and the fact that Episode would add it.


I think it would be a good idea if episode would add animal characters just imagine how much better the stories would be,


I think they should. It’ll increase the diversity here and make stories more interesting. We can add animals ourselves with overlays, but with official art content from Episode you can probably imagine being able to customize them. It’d be pretty cool lol


Animals and children are the two major things Episode needs to add.

Besides children being small adults, I’ve seen episode stories where people use people as animals and it’s… definitely strange. (I remember seeing one where the dog was a black girl in a bikini and it kinda rubbed me the wrong way?)


Hi! This suggestion is covered here, feel free to support there thanks! :slight_smile: