Do you think Episode should allow authors to be able to publish once they've finished Episode one?


On episode in order to have your story published you have to have 3 episodes with 400 lines of dialogue. Do you think that should be changed to having 1 episode instead of 3? Please explain why or why not if you can.

  • Yes.
  • No.

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I think not. Three episodes shows commitment. It shows the reader that you will not give up because of Episode 2 writers block easily. It gives the writer more motivation to continue as opposed to wasting three episodes worth of coding. One episode is easy to write and easy to give up after.


I agree with Mehek’s reasoning, but from my own personal experience…:
When publishing my first story I only had 1 chapter. Since it was a contest entry, it needed 3 chapters, so knowing I needed to create 2 more in 6 weeks motivated me a lot.
I think it should be like Wattpad where you can choose to publish with 1, 2, 8, 43, 4864… Whatever we choose.
-Amelia x


I personally disagree.

A lot of authors are rushing with publishing which is a big mistake. I agree with @Lady-Mehek that three episodes show commitment, and still a lot of people discounting stories after them (mostly because they can’t get reads)

And you can still publish one chapter (by locking the rest)


No, and I don’t see what would be the reason behind, it would tell nothing to the author. First episodes are pass free, so writers would have no idea if anyone had read their story or not. And it wouldn’t get many feedbacks either unless it was like the best story ever. It’s not easy to start with a really engaging first episode. I continue reading most of the stories because I think chapter 1 was somewhat interesting or not that bad… But I usually need a few episodes to decide whether I like a story or not.


One episode is… a bit short. Readers (like me) would like to read a bit more of the story and binge read the first few episodes to decide if they like the story or not.
Although i do like your thinking.


I agree with Mehek in that three episodes show more commitment.

Additionally, I do not believe Episode would allow the publication of only one chapter unless the first chapter was no longer pass-free.
Many people seem to forget that Episode is a business, and the job of a business is to make money.


Yes I do


Personally, I like to add stories that seem interesting to my favorites and wait for them to have more than 3 episodes to start reading them. Because I hate the feeling of having to wait for the next episodes of a great story to be published. The more episodes out, the better for me :blush:

I wonder, doesn’t the “3 episodes minimum” rule keep authors engaged in their stories and less likely to abandon them? I feel like if authors on Episode only had to write 1 episode to get their story published, there would be a lot more “deleted” or “discontinued” stories on the app. I guess that wouldn’t be such an issue if Episode gave the option to unpublish/delete a story.


No, I don’t think that would be a good idea. First of all, Episode might get a lot of spam. You are more likely to run into trolls or spammers on other sites, but still it would make it so anyone can publish and not people who actually like to write. Second, having three episodes makes it so readers stay engaged and authors more committed.


I agree, but some ‘writers’ just decide to fill the other two episodes with letters or numbers for the dialog. Other times, they will have a base for the other two episodes, but will put in minimal effort to get to the minimum amount needed to publish.


No need at least 3 episodes to get an idea on the plot very few stories have people hooked after one episode.


3 episodes shows commitment and even though it is hard and takes a long time, that’s OKAY. Also, episode would have an overflow of stories if people were to publish only 1 episode. If the first episode doesn’t get a lot of reads, the author may give up on it leaving a short, 1 episode story just floating around,


Absolutely NO because some people would publish only one episode and then the second one after months so no…


I think 3 is a good place but I kinda would like to read it as a “show” like episode 1 on week 1 2 on 2 3 on 3 etc…


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