Do you think episode should feature cancer stories for cancer awareness week?



What do you think?


I think it would be a pretty cool idea.


Cool because I’m working on a story for that


That’s a great idea! :smile:


Thxs for agreeing. But if only we can get the word out




Should we promote this to episode headquarters


Yes! I think it’s a great idea. :sparkles:
And, as you said, you should try to promote this to Episode headquarters haha :DD


for sure. I have had multiple family members affected by Cancer and it would mean a ton if they do this. Support!


Thxs girl


I would like the shelf, but also, I can’t really think of any stories that deal with cancer . . .


I reccomend in a heartbeat


I totally support this! I had a family member affected by cancer, and it would mean a lot. :slight_smile:


My dad nearly died from it in 2016, so that would be a great idea!


That’s an amazing idea! I’ve read In A Heartbeat in the past and it broke my heart. If Episode can help raise awareness then let’s do it!


I love in a heart beat


I really support this. My grandma and her sister both died of breast cancer and my aunt had it.


Dont worry I’m making a cancer story reeeeaaaaalllllyyyy soon



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