Do you think Episode should have a section for upcoming authors?


I’ve been thinking, I feel like episode should have their own section where they feature thousands & thousands of stories that barely get reads . I find myself seeing the same thing, on the same shelf every single day. I try to look for new books but can’t ever find any. It seems like they only feature people that have over 100k+ reads on their story or they’ve partnered with Episode writers.


Yes! That would be so helpful for upcoming authors getting spotlight! Instead of having the same authors on the same section.


Agreed. There’s so many great authors who direct/write just as great as those who have been on episode for over 2 years. & I feel like it’s not fair that they aren’t being featured anywhere…


Backstory : At first, I was all for the small section they put on the app with recently released new stories. I was so excited, I was determined to read every story on that shelf, and share share share … /// but upon reading the first story, it was really really REALLY bad /// Like I still remember it word for word and every moment of cringe. /// That’s probably why I don’t support a shelf for new authors, as I feel like authors should earn that spot on that shelf rather than it being given to them because they are ‘new’. /// I’ve defiantly read my share of stellar stories hidden behind the ‘great’ top 50 stories. The first thing I do when I read these stories, is mention it on instagram, vote for it on Episode Knitters (I think that’s the group?). /// On a side note, the authors of those great stories, ended up never continuing them after 7 episodes or so.

Does Fallen think Episode should have a section for upcoming authors?

No, I don’t.


Two main reasons. Think of stories as small town stores. All stores started out small, and eventually became international businesses spreading into multiple towns. Every major author started as a small store, and eventually worked their way up to being a international business. /// The second reason being more of an outside perspective. What would be put on that shelf? Who would decide? Who is going to keep that shelf updated? If we the readers get to pick, I am sure it will just be turned into another shelf of overused plot lines because obvi that’s what people like. If the mods and episode creators get to pick, they are probably going to stick with authors that they know (being the ‘big’ named ones)


Episode’s monthly picks/editor’s picks are kind of like that already. I mean, sometimes they do feature new stories by authors who are already big names (like when they featured BroZoned by Mette) or authors they’ve partnered with (Like Clover White), but sometimes they also feature new stories with very few reads by small name authors.

It would be cool if it was more than just 6 stories a month, though.


Or just a page/tab for the most recently updated stories in general, so that your story will have a shot at reaching new readers with every update you make.

*edit: I just looked around on the feature suggestions section of the forum and there’s already been made an official thread on this subject: APP: “New Stories” Section (More reads for unpopular authors)


Yes we need this episode creators!


Lmao, there are some authors on the top 50 that have terrible grammar and directing but still have it as top 50.


I agree


I think they should, especially when they something similar in the past. No idea why they changed it, but it could help new writers get noticed a lot and help us readers find new stories instead of the same ones over and over:

This is a screenshot that I took in 2016. I think there’d be no harm in returning it back.


wow, I’ve had episode for a while and never even knew they had that back in 2016! it’d be amazing if they added it back again.


@brvnda Yeah. I believe there was something like a new story section within each genre if my memory serves me correct. Unlike now where it just shows, for example, Top Romance (top featured romance stories) and Top Community Romance (top user romance stories), Episode should also include “New Romance” or “New (genre name here” story sections) along with the subsequent genres.

It’s harder to find new stories within the genres. You can still find new stories in the “Stories We Love” section, but it’s not much. Being able to find new stories for each genre should make things a lot easier.

Or they should simply make a new section for upcoming authors like you originally suggested. All would be good ideas imo.





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