Do you think episode should have an mature section eg over 18?


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I think that would help a lot. This would mean that writers get their freedom back and don’t get their stories removed. I think this would be a great idee to put into the app :slight_smile:


I totally agree


I had my adult comedy removed as it violated terms as it was not pg13


I have been lucky enough to keep the name and be able to write a censoured version of it
I am lucky that I had such a good fan base but lost all my reads and have to start again


I know lots of episoders and I only know 3 that are’under 16 most are in there 20s +
We are’the ones that buy the monthly tickets we are the ones making money for episode beciae the kids are more likely to wait till tickets renew


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Yes! Most of the people I know are adults anyway. I understand the app is 13+ but it would be nice to have an 18+ section and even accessed by credit card number to verify…(not charge just verify). No one wants porn or anything but it would be nice to have the freedom to write. I think there is a horror section. Horror in general is not near PG13. how can someone write drama or horror without it being R?


Anything people write about is nothing worse than what 7th graders Google haha. I just think it would be awesome to have 18+. That’s why I brought it up the other day in our group chat. Episode provides a warning that contains mature content. The warning is there before our episodes/chapters for a reason.



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