Do you think INK should be updated?


So I have seen TONS of topics created saying that “INK should be updated”. Now I personally prefer INK over LL, but I do understand the fact that Epsiode is a business and that they have to move on! I am kinda sick of seeing threads about updating INK clogging up my recents! I mean Epsiode is obviously not gonna update INK so why keep going off about it?

You are welcome to express you opinion just please be respectful towards eachother!

(This is not pointed towards anyone)


If its too inconvenient for them to update INK I get it. It’s a shame to me though, as I feel like INK is the best style. To me, LL looks really cheesy. As long as they don’t do away with INK entirely I’m fine, I don’t want LL shoved down my throat. But I would love to see updates to INK.


no, i mean i love ink with all my heart, but ink supporters need to stop. episode is not gonna update ink anymore. ive seen the same thing happen to classic and episode didnt care. they updated the style for the sake of their app.


I do agree I love INK…and think that you are somewhat right! My problem is…is people not understanding that EPISODE IS A BUSINESS THAT NEEDS TO MIVE FORWARD!

As long as they don’t take INK away I’m perfectly fine with them not updating it :wink:


I’d still like to see just a few updates to INK, but it is understandable that they’re focusing on LL as I think it’s also quite popular.


Yass thanks for agreeing! I am tired of people going off and off about updating ink!


yeah, ink is done and LL is in! plus, i literally love writing in LL and LL clothes are goals


Like I won’t complain if they decide not to update it. It is what it is y’know?


I mean there is always gonna be something else we want…but they can’t fufill all of our needs


hmpt. Ink has more public than LL Maybe they should update it wioth new stuff
Both style’s are loved but they are leaving behinf ink
i know it’s newest an most popular LL but ink still has A LOT of public


I wish INK would have been updated, but I know that Episode has focus on LL and is gonna work on that style.
I have seen a loooot of threads lol and I don’t think Episode is gonna update INK anymore…even though I love INK with all my heart


Yes there are a lot of people that still love ink (including me) but it’s not like they are getting rid of it! They have to move on at some point…and the time has come for them to move one!


I think Ink should continue to be updated. Or at least the hidden items should be released to the general public.
When Ink came out, Classic was left behind, but I recently came back to Classic and saw many different clothing options that weren’t there before. So, my hope is that they will do the same for Ink now that LL is in play. I feel that we who are voicing our wants aren’t trying to “clog” the forum, we’re expressing our desires for the art style we prefer, which is our right.


Yes…there are so many threads about updating ink that it must get annoying for episode! I mean if anything all of the threads are probably making episode NOT wanna update ink!


but they should update some thing’s cause Ink still has way more public
this is my opinion :slight_smile:


Lmao truth :joy:


Exactly. I’d love to have the Short Wavy Ombre hairstyle in INK too, but I’m not going to rant about that :roll_eyes:


Yass! U totally right! @RudeInception


I love ink too! And I somewhat agree that it should be updated at some point…but as of right now they have to focus on LL! And some people’s threads can be pretty rude when it comes to updating ink…it must get very annoying for episode!


Ahhh omg I like you already!
I love that you see what I mean!