Do you think my story will be good?

Hey guys! I’m planing on publishing a story called “The Riverside Mystery” and I wanted to know what you guys think of my story. I will include my story cover and a brief description down below. Don’t hesitate to give me feedback cause I know that feedback and criticism is something that improves everyone.

Title: The Riverside Mystery
Author: Afra S.
Description: Avery is a girl with amazing friends, a caring family, looks, money you name it she’s got everything. But what happens when a particular Tuesday changes everything and nothing’s the same ever again. Threatening messages, missing people and many suspects. Can she really trust anybody? *Character Customization


Nice cover! It definitely sounds interesting enough to click on the app! The only way to know if it will be good like you said is to read it though. Let me know when it’s out and I’ll try it! Maybe we could even do a read for read :slight_smile: .

The description is interesting. :thinking: Might as well read it.

Of course and Thanks for the positive feedback.

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Thank youu.

I loveeee the cover it’s very mysterious which pulls me in

I definitely would!
Do let us know when you publish it. :grin:

Thanks! And of course!


I’d read it !

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To be honest, the cover is the best thing and is the thing that’s most attractive. It’s the description that kinda turns me off. I mean, it’s interesting that she suddenly gets messages about death threats and all that, but I’m not really all for people that are loved and cared by everyone and have the best life ever. She doesn’t have any flaws. This might be the writer in me that’s saying this, but in reality, you can’t be an amazing person with practically the best life ever. You’d be either spoilt, or take everything for granted. And again, even if she has the best life ever, she wouldn’t have ‘amazing’ friends, it’d be more interesting if they only liked her for her money. My suggestion is that you knock down her life a bit, she doesn’t need to have the best life ever, or at least give her some flaws that you can add in the description.


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Thanks for being honest and trust me her life is not perfect at all. The point of this story is that she thinks her life is perfect untill one by one everything starts coming down and it’s not all boy drama and mean girls in this story in fact there is no boy drama at all. But the point of this story is that her parents aren’t who she thought they were her friends aren’t who she thought they were and money well money isn’t everything in fact the hunger for money well that’s another topic this book covers and well she uncovers dark secrets that nothing is as it seems. That’s what this book explores. :blush:

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Alright, that’s good. I can’t handle another Mary Sue on EPISODE. Why not then add that she thinks her life is perfect? Then it adds mystery and is like, ‘oh snap things are gonna hit the fan’.



The cover is indeed eye-catching and I was intrigued by the summary as well. I became truly interested when you gave a little more details to @Res. I’ll be looking forward to reading it!

Glad you feel that way!

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