Do you think naming your character is necessary? (POLL)


Hey people! So, I am currently working on my story but I can’t decide whether or not I should let the readers name the MC or not. What do you think?

  • I like naming my character!
  • It’s not necessary…

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letting people name their characters helps them makes them feel connected but if you name them you can come up with like a background story of why you were name that


Yeah, that’s a good point! Thank you!


Well, I can’t really vote on the pole since I both like naming my character but I also don’t find it necessary. Either way, it’s not really important, just do what you feel like doing for your story :blush: Naming or not naming the protagonsit won’t drive anyone away.


It doesn’t matter to me if we get to name a character or not, I’ll read anyway :slight_smile:
It’s the quality of the story that matters-the story line needs to be amazing :wink:


If you have a set name and look, have your character like that. If people stop reading because there’s no CC, fuck 'em