Do you think there should be an option to turn off art scenes?

Do you think there should be choices in stories for art scenes or not?

I am a black woman and my make my characters as such. For me it’s kind of sucky to make black characters in episode, from the lack of pretty black hairstyles to limited CC with trashy excuses.

Today I got this idea by seeing an art scene while my character and LI were sharing a moment.
I felt a bit out of place and usually get annoyed when I see an art scene and I try to skip dialogue as fast as I can because of it.
My characters were black and the art scene characters were white. I love making my characters in my race and I want it to stay that way with every story I read. This is just personal preference but I feel like if you don’t match with the art scene it’s a waste of time. Stories with full CC make me happy since there’s a serious lack of black representation on episode and I can represent myself with it. When I see an art scene and it doesn’t fit my characters it aggravates me and I tap so fast my fingers start hurting. I’ve gotten used to it but it does get a bit annoying from time to time.

What do you guys think? I’m not bashing anyone who includes art scenes. I’d love to hear other POCs opinions as well!


I do think you r right. I never considered adding skip art scene button in my story. I think I should add one in upcoming art scenes. Unfortunately, we can’t get different art scenes for a same scene since it’s really hard too get an art here… But adding skip button will solve the problem… I think other authors should consider this too, though it adds little work to us but it’s all for the readers what’s the point if someone doesn’t enjoy the scene we created. Besides there’s nothing wrong in adding skip button, it will give readers a choice. <3


I defo agree with this as a black woman. It’s frustrating but what can you do really if you deep it, NOTHING because 70% of the episode stories are white main characters so I got used to it really.

This ^^ is so true I do so as well. Like I feel like there should be a skip button for it because not everyone gonna like it and everything.


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Oh! That is very smart of you. I understand your point of view. I never thought about that, I’m sorry and Thank you for speaking out.

I will add an option to not see art scenes in my story. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



its so alienating to see white MCs tht are titled as “you” in stories.
I been saying this but I hate art scenes i play as my race

And the amount of excuses for the art scenes is bothersome

She has to look as I imagined

Dont change her too much cuz the overlays wont match(which is just code for dont make her “too dark”)

Her skins revelant to the plot(and its always fair tones…that dont ever come up for the plot)

For an app that says choose ur story…this doesnt feel inclusive

And dont get me started on the way of wording thats caterted to specifics

Rose cheeks/face turned pink
Turned white

Like if we had an opprtunity to turn off art scenes id have a boatload of stories but…its so immersion breaking

The only time art scenes were done well was in the infected but im bias and tht only showed the characters not MC. I wish more scenes were done tht way

Annd I liked the art scenes in for my reaper

Sooo yeah rant aside

They need a toggle button for art scenes that way its a win win


i do but i don’t have anything more to contribute to this discussion :sweat_smile:

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I will definitely be adding an option to skip because of this, so thank you for bringing this up!


I’m more of a writer than a reader, so I’ll give you my writer perspective. To be honest, I usually see limited customization for when characters aren’t some kind of white, so I wouldn’t blame the author’s reasoning because that could backfire for when it is to your favor. It is the author’s vision. I don’t think it’s code for don’t make the character dark necessarily…what I do think is that most people add CC because they feel they have to, not because they want to.

I think that’s one of the underlying issues. Everyone believes readers expect customization, and many do now, and I see your very valid reasons to want it, but from the author standpoint, their character looks how the author imagines.

This is one reason why I don’t do customization in my story. I make the characters how I want to and leave it at that without explaining myself. I’ve been on episode since classic, so I never bothered about customization as a reader or author. When I write “you” I don’t mean the reader exactly and unless a story is choice-heavy, most authors just default use it, and so it has little meaning.

In my head, you become my character, you play as my character like in a video game, not my character is you if that makes any sense. But, stories differ. I’m actually finding I like to switch to third person narration more lately. However, I understand the feeling.

Still, it wouldn’t be painful for an author to add that choice, but I don’t think it should ever be a requirement. Plus, realistically, you can’t make a feature for it that supersedes the author.


I never thought about that as an author who also does art scenes. I usually do a warning with customization, but I think adding a skip option would be a great idea.


Ive flat out seen a lot of episodes where they color lock so ur forced to choose lighter tones

But really…I hear what ur saying and ive heard it many times before.

Writers can write and all tht jazz but when u market ur story as Full CC and have art scenes

Which LOTS do

Further more you market as FULL CC and have art scenes but keep black hairstyles…it becomes even more annoying

It is almost insulting as a POC reader which is what I wanna keep the topic about cuz no one talks about this

Its not about why they do it…(lots of authors make that clear in the messages and disclaimers they post…in an almost condescending fashion)

Its erasure


Most readers do expect customization and as the comment said the app is titled Episode: CHOOSE YOUR STORY. Not play someone else’s. I’ve had an opposite experience, every single limited cc or no cc stories are white. Or Italian or something to fit the mafia (which suck) stories.

You don’t speak for all authors and as someone who writes stories from time to time some add customization to give the readers freedom and want it to be THEIR story instead of their own.


When I first started my story I had no clue I would later want to add art scenes, which I admit was a big mistake that I did, although I will be adding an option for the readers to “keep” the characters looking the same way they customized them or changing the characters to the way I customized them, I know many people don’t care if the art scenes match their characters and others really do! so next time I’ll be careful with doing this!


Idk why it feels like im hijacking this thread x x

but thanks…just something to keep in mind

A toogle button really would help this whole art or no art “debate” =_=


No worries, I was just giving my one perspective for discussion purposes. Have a good day/night, all! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I think authors should make it optional to view art scenes, particularly if the story has CC implemented into it since it makes more sense to offer it if readers changed the appearance of the character. Still would be good to have the option in stories without CC too just because there are a lot of people who would rather just get on with the story.

Most of the time, I’m one of those people - my reasoning for wanting to skip art scenes is because I get so annoyed with generic poses and really slow zooms. Not to mention if the dialogues and narrations are really cliché too…


My bias is that I’m more of an action junkie. I want things to happen.
Normal and generic art scenes usually revolves around small talks and character building, which doesn’t need an art scene to amplify its impact on the story. If your character’s methods or actions during plot related events are not defined enough, no amount of “post-make up” conversations are going to save your story. Just define the character’s personality.

Regarding the issue of race and skin color/looks, I won’t complain too much on how art scenes dissolves continuity across the reader base. From an author’s perspective, it’s hard to tend to every race and ethnicity, especially when CC is offered to the important characters.
I think authors can give this option, but it really comes down to a lot of factors that’s
actually unrelated to the appearance inconsistency of the MC/LI/CC characters.


I definitely understand where you’re coming from. The whole reason I started playing Episode in the first place was because how hard it was to find diversity anywhere else as a kid. I would exclusively read on only Episode and w*ttpad :sob:

We’re just expected to accept the bare minimum.


I agree with this!! My story involves custom poses and hand overlays and stuff which is why I limit my customisation for the characters. I understand a lot of people do like to play as themselves but some stories are based off a character’s experience not an interactive “you” story

But yes, I do think art scenes being optional is a good idea!


We arent talking about that tho…we know that theres characters authors dont want to change

Also its a choose ur story app…where most times you are expected to self insert

So in stories where you have full cc and then renege and say dont make em dark cuz it wont match art n overlays is insulting and erasure

Its not about the authors character rn
Nor is it about why they feel like they are justified in doing or the why they feel like doing it
We know these arguements and see them often in the story itself as disclaimers/author messages

Its about how art scenes dont match and erase people while encouraging CC

And how thats erasing a lot of demographics in favor of the default

Its a CHOOSE your story app… and really whats also annoying is these disclaimers that authors always frickin put these characters wont act like you or have ur belife system…its a STORY you immerse yourself

So if every author just nerfs CC cuz their vision and keeps making the same default stories that we see on TV itself

wheres that leave everyone else

Do we become silent cuz its their vision.
Do we ignore the apps motto cuz authors want a skin default

Are POC expected to just shut up(again) cuz its the authors vision and they are again an after thought…barely a thought

That…doesnt seem fair. Especially when art scenes as a whole are unnecessary and go on too long tbh