Do you think there will be a Halloween contest?

Question is on the title, will there be one?

If so, what kind of myths and legends would scare you if you saw them on Episode?

I hope. Like “ghostly “ could be the name of the contest

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Anyone else? What are myths that scares you?

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the past two years have had one, I would be very surprised if their wasn’t.

uh, I don’t know if any myths scare me but I’m very afraid of spiders. attack of the giant spiders

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I won’t be able to write that, spiders scare me aswell :hushed:

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I think there will be. The Dirty Dancing contest is the August one so based on past patterns, there should be an October contest which will probably once again, be for Halloween.
Depending on the theme, I’ll probably enter.


Spook us Elise! :eyes:

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I’ll do my best :rofl:
It’s hard on Episode because it needs to be PG13 lol. I do have one horror story already. :slight_smile: Some people found it scary but some people really didn’t haha

Hit & Run wasn’t scary for me :smile: it was more of a thriller for me, you’re right, it’s hard to keep it PG13, I had quite few arguments with support to accept my story :smiling_imp:

Haha yeah it probably wouldn’t have scared me either. Maybe if you turned the lights off lol. But on the flip side, I got a lot of fan mail from readers who said they got nightmares or they found it a bit too scary.
The scariest movies are all usually R rated aren’t they? So I don’t really expect to find anything scary on Episode lol. When I wrote Hit and Run, I had something like R L Stine’s “Fear Street” series in mind in terms of how scary I could make it.

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Shroud was the scariest Episode story for me, that scene with Makbidan 's (?) head scared me the most. I still don’t understand how Episode approved that, maybe they are less strict for horror genre :woman_shrugging:

There were a few overlays in Shroud that I was surprised got approved :rofl:
I agree, it’s the scariest story I’ve found on Episode.

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Maybe I’ll spook you with wendigos in the contest :eyes:

You may be scared, beware! :joy:

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For the past two years, I remember some sort of scary theme for Halloween. Last years was Haunted and was the one the year before Mysterious?

But personally, I don’t like very scary stories, so I skipped the stories in the October contests.

The year before was All Hallows or something :slight_smile:
Mysterious was last year in April.

It triggered me girl.

Oh I got the names mixed up, sorry! My point is that I think every year so far in October, they have had a scary themed contest.

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Yeah. I definitely would be interested and I enjoy reading all of the entries for the Halloween Contests that happen every October. Depending on what it is this year, since I’m positive that there will be one, I might enter. Idk. I’ll just have to wait and see. :joy:

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Okay, because I am 100% sure they will have one (like, if they don’t I will SCREAM), I’m going to start typing one because why not.

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