Do you think we could represent more african cultures?

Hi everyone!

Basically, the title says it briefly. So, my writing partner started a new project, which features a lot of storyline details situated within Africa: a theme that we are both more familiar with and (hasn’t been broadly used).

We both are from South Africa and we have been in South Africa our whole lives. We see all these beautiful cultures every day around us and we have a lot of insight to them. So, when the plans for her story began, we both noticed that there isn’t very much variety on episode dealing with African traditional wear or cultural outfits. In fact, we haven’t really seen many stories on episode that reside heavily within an African style or a theme. I know Positively Princess features some African themed styles when it came to the female love interest, Princess Jada.

However, I haven’t seen any kind of traditional african culture depicted on episode before: such as the traditional Zulu, or Xhosa leopard or buck skin wear, Kenyan or Venda Beads, the use of blankets and beaded shawls, the beaded headwear, or traditional head wraps and even the the modernized cultural patterned dresses.

So, we wanted to find out what others think about depicting more traditional african culture?

Examples of these: images - 2020-05-24T184923.642

images - 2020-05-24T185016.322

Thanks guys. (Please keep positive vibes and dont hate on each others opinions)


As a fellow South African it’s so sad to see Africa under represented on episode. The vibrant colours and unique styles could add new level of cultural richness. I am planning on writing a whole story playing off in Kenya. Seeing some traditional red kanga and a lot of bright decorations like african style necklaces, bracelets, and bead headdresses.
spears and shields would be amazing too.


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But yes I would love more African representation. :heart:


Lol I didnt want to post that one but it was the best quality one I could find :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’m not of africain nationality or origin, but personnally, I find that the Africain culture is one of the fullest, most colorfull and beautiful that exists. I think that if episode could encourage the developpement of it’s styles and unique ways throughout it’s backgrounds and clothings, it would be wonderful. However, like in any other case, they would have to watch out so that people do not abuse of it.

But, honestly, I think it’s a wonderful idea. <3


Old Jacob, he just keeps popping up everywhere


Honestly I love seeing African stories Im Nigerian. But sometimes when people write it they start adding stereotypes which is really annoying and everyone will think thats how Africa is.


Like the Marvel movie Black Panther. I absolutely loved the fact that they spoke Xhosa, implemented the clothing styles and even used our local music. There’s so much beauty in Africa!


:joy: Or his wife :joy::smirk:


Yeah but in my opinion I think they should have used an african cause like them forcing accents they all sound the same and a lot of africans have different accents. But the movie is goog and I love they used an african representation


This is basically the closest thing we have to African representation.


Thats sad fr


if they need help they should do research or ask an african person


I am really happy to see such post. Thank you for this @Dominique_Seth_Da_Si :sparkling_heart: and yeah @Jane_Bennet , you are absolutely right :sparkling_heart: I also complained about this on my IG story a few days back cause I got stuck when setting a festive scene I needed for my current story I’m writing. As a matter of fact I was fed up at some point cause I couldn’t find any African clothing neither costumes that I could use for this and knowing how making this festive scene was so important to the story… I just had to manage and set it up with what was available but believe me, it look like trash to me because it is not portraying what I actually want it to portray, it is not appropriately passing the message the way I want it to, it is not reflecting the African culture the way it should’ve but still, I’ve got no choice… I am actually an African author from Nigeria precisely and all of my stories are written in the African style and settings so this really affect the stories I write. I am with a heavy heart crying out to episode right now to please, add more African assets to the writer’s portal. Moreover, a lot of Africans are on episode so I think it is being fair episode look more into the African culture. As Africans, we have our pride and that pride is our culture, our traditions and which is mostly portrayed through these things. Although I am glad a story of mine was able to represent in the Bhm shelf this year alongside with some other African authors I also know and we are very much grateful to episode for that, for recognizing we Africans but please, I still ask that episode should honor this request.


I’ve attempted to recreate some of the modern traditional fashion that ladies in south africa wear to weddings or special dressy parties. Lol


I have this dress tho, the female own :joy: I wonder when they’re going release the female own. I actually had to use it now for the right hand men of the king in my story because this is just the only African reliable cloth I could use for those chiefs :persevere:


Thanks alot for this! Any idea how we can get episodes attention with this? Lol


I already planned to message them also and hoping to get a positive response :disappointed_relieved: but i think they can also see this topic of ours right?


I think one of us should file a support ticket and reach out to their team on behalf of us all. What do you think?