Do you use episode to read stories or to play the game?

Hey guys!! Episode, to me, can be two different things at times. It could be a place to read stories (episodes with one story line where choices don’t matter) and it can also be a game (stories where choices matter and CC). Do you guys see it as more of a story telling app, or a game? Personally, I prefer it as a platform to read stories. I like it when the author has a planned out story line of what will happen, and choices matter isn’t really that important to me. What do you guys think? :DD

  • I see it more as a story-telling app
  • I see it more as a game where I can play

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I like there to be SOME choices because it helps me not tune out & get bored, but I personally don’t really care if they have a major impact on the storyline. Just something I have to pay attention to haha

I actually really like both types of stories but I still see Episode more as a story telling app :smile:

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I kinda dont feel any of them fit if I shall be honest. its stories. but its stories where the reader makes the choices.

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