Do you use thought bubbles, or the Narrator square, and why?

You know how you can use the Narrator Square to kind of voice your MC’s/any character’s thoughts too?

Via doing something like

The castle was so ornate and beautiful.

When do you use those versus when do you use the thought bubble method:

(This castle is so ornate and beautiful.)

Or do you prefer one of the other

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I use both. It really depends on what works best in the scene. :sweat_smile:


Depends if it’s something like not really important I use thought bubble , if it’s like deep stuff narrator


Thought bubbles - Quick narration & something that could be summarized in a sentence or two.

Narration - Important, usually descriptions that deal with visuals, emotions, or in depth thoughts. This cannot be summarized in a sentence or two, and it needs to be narrated for full effect.

Hope that helps!

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i feel like half my chapters are character as narrator :woman_facepalming:t4::joy:

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