Do you wanna be in my story called Strong

It is in INK and feel free to comment as many characters as you want btw
If you would like to be a/to have a character, in my story please include the following
-skin tone
-brow shape
-hair style
-hair colour
-eye shape
-eye colour
-face shape
-nose shape
-lip shape
-lip colour
-default outfit
-sexual stance (e.g. bisexual, homosexual or heterosexual)
-role (gang member, rival gang member, college student, cop, black market or other if so specify)
-any other outfits
-how you would like to be credited

The characters that are currently in my story who have been requested are
-Sakura @SakuraCheam
-Violet @SakuraCheam
-Ash @Ash.Epi
-Kae @Caticorn
-Kc @Kmayber
-Roshni Patel @manand61
-Lydia @DutchGirlGamer
-Ayame @Ayu
-Kai @Ayu
-Yuna @Ayu
-Haru @Ayu
-Johanna @Jayl
-Jacob @Jayl
-Piper @Epiiuser_Queen
-Emily @WillowBear
-Heylis @Heyliss
-Mindy @Ayu
-Jasper @Ayu
-Randy @Ayu
-Rosemary @Ayu
-Larry @Ayu
-Charl @Mahoney13
-Lauren @Lauren.H
-Iris Fera @Shadowclaw
-Lucy @LucySnow
-Valentina @molly247
-Shana @appleqrl
-Patrick @Problematic_Patrick
-Roan @Blue1994
-Christina @Blue1994


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Personality: Shy, loyal, sassy, friendly.
Sexuality: Gay
Role: College Student
Credit: My instagram @Problematic_Patrick

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You can use these characters if you would like too


Outfit-Dark Blue Indian Tank,Key Necklace,Ripped Punk Pants,Cool Leather Jacket,Stitch Boots (Black)
Roan’s Personality- Love the colors black blue and red, Brave, Caring, Withdrawn, Loyal, & Protective
Role-Gang Member

Outfit-Edgy Boots,Denim Shorts,Steam Punk Corset,Small Fishnets,Black Ridged Moto Jacket,Diamond Heart Necklace
Christina’s Personality- Loves the colors black and blue, Shy, Clumsy, Akward, Honest, Hardworking, & Stubborn
Role-Gang Member

Credit - Instagram-@blue_1994.episodes

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Personality: Calm,Sarcastic,Good under pressure,Honest,Loyal,Caring,Patient and Sassy.

Sexual Stance: Gay

Role: College Student

Outfit does not matter,

As for credit just use my forum name.

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Personality: clever, laid back, efficient, impatient
Sexual Stance: straight
Role: Can it have something to do with illegal technical things? Like maybe a hacker?
Credit: @cakegirl_44

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Lynn - Personality (happy, optimistic, friendly, kind), Bisexual, cop, credit with @angelic_lynn.episode

Darren - Personality (loner, cool, respectful, clever) Bisexual or heterosexual (either one), gang member, credit with @angelic_lynn.episode

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Name: Eli

sexuality: straight
Personality: funny, sarcastic, loves helping, gets distracted easily, very passionate, badass even if it doesn’t look like it, and loves dancing.
Role: gang memeber ot black marcket

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Sexuality: Straight
Role: College Student
Personality: Bubbly and giggly yet shy

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