Do you wanna be in my writing group?

I have ideas for a story and like to have writing partners. Here are the jobs available

  1. Coder (Has few years of experience)

  2. Character designer ( someone to help me develop and create outfits for characters)

  3. Cover/Splash designer ( someone to create splashes, covers, and possibly wallpapers or overlays)

  4. Writer ( someone who can help me write the story)

DM me one here if your interested or email me at



I can do character and cover and splashes

Want to see some examples

Yes, I’d love to!

go to Making cover art And splashes (1-30 minutes)(Free)(open)

and you will see some example

I can help with Character designer. I am not very experienced but I am very creative. I could also help with writing the story. It depends if you still need anyone??

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