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I love reading episode and I’ve decided to review some stories!
If you’d like a review I accept requests on Instagram, my account is @bonniedundee.epi

I repeat, I accept requests ON INSTAGRAM

The only thing I ask is for you to follow me on the account, and you can DM me if you’d like me to review the first three chapters of your story!

My goal is to help writers improve, I’ll give honest feedback and some tips (if necessary) on how to correct eventual mistakes.

Thank you! :heartbeat:


Hi I would love if you can review my story :slight_smile:

Title: Are you here?
Genre: drama
Covers made by @Emeline
Author: Melina
Instagram: HopeFrvrM

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Can you review my story?
This is my story:

Name: Coincidence or Destiny


Aurora loved her life, but during the summer she met a boy and her life starts to change completely

The meeting was coincidence or destiny?

Chapters: 7

Genre: Drama

Style: Ink


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Hi Bonnie, I’ll DM you on Insta

Story Title: Forgotten
Author Name: Nii07
Style: INK
Genre: Mystery
Episodes: 3 (more coming soon!)
Story Link:

I’d love a review!
Hey, I’m Alex and I published my new story few months ago. Would love to hear your thoughts. You can also dm me on instagram if you like it! @alex.woods27

Title: October’s Love
Author: Alex Woods
Genre: Adventure
Episodes: 5 (more episodes coming soon)
Description: October is living a cozy-perfect life with her mother Allina. What happens when their life takes an unexpected turn?
Link: 1

Here’s the cover for my story:


Happy reading! :slight_smile:

Wooh! I love this.
Title: Hunt or get hunted
Author: owlquest
Chapters: 6


Title: On West Avenue
Author: Captain Willow
Instagram: @captainwillowstudios
Genre: Drama!
Episodes: 4
Description: Watch four people follow their dreams and listen to their heart as they navigate through happiness, pain, and most importantly, friendship.