Do you want criticism on your art?

Hello! As an artist myself, I tend to struggle a bit on how to improve my work. With constructive criticism, I’ll try to make you improve on your own work! :smirk:

In this thread, you won’t be expecting “omg that is so good” or “That is perfect!”. None of that stuff. No, you’ll be receiving tips on your art/work. So enter at your own risk, I’ve warned you. Please don’t be offended by the things I will say.

If you have multiple works you want me to review, just put them in a folder like this for example:


(please don’t steal or trace this example)


I don’t make like Episode art. I have some cartoonish art style but here. Also thanks for making this thread, it’s a really good idea.



Thank you! For what I have to say is, you could do better with your line art and anatomy.

In the pictures you showed me, the lines look like they could use some cleaning and more precise strokes.
And for the anatomy, practice on drawing the hands. I know hands could be difficult to draw, I struggle with them too, but practice on them. You could always use some references on the internet if you don’t know how to draw something.

The coloring is nice, but the shading is just one color. I can only see purple in your shading, and you need a light source in your art to put some highlights.

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That was a really quick response and thanks I’ve just started shading so I’m only a begginer. Thanks for the advice.

No problem! I hope you do well. :blush:

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Here’s one of my edits!


Here’s one of mine. Do you think it’s good?


Omg I need honest criticism soooo badly;)


image image


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I have many different art styles and I OBVIOUSLY need help, thanks! :slight_smile:
These are all the different styles, so which one do you think is the best, and what could I improve on it?



I’m not the owner of this thread…but you are amazing:)

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Thanks! :blush:

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Haven’t seen a thread like this before. Think you can review mine? Its the large cover of my story :slight_smile:

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Your shading makes the art look unrealistic, as the clothes look like they are made out of plastic, and it’s just a shade darker than the base. You did good on the hair, but you need to add more details to the clothes, such as folds/wrinkles etc.


White highlights on hair simply do not look realistic, as that white stroke shown on your art. For the contour, the highlights are good but the shading looks a bit dry. Instead of using a dark brown or a gray, use warm colors. Such as red, orange, and yellow.

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Work on your lines, clean them up because they look jagged. As I said in a previous post, don’t use darker shades of the base color. Use warm colors to compliment the skin. You need to work on your anatomy because in the second picture the upper chest area looks weird. If the model is slanted, then slant the chest area. In the last picture, it seems like you colored it, but did not give credit to the person who actually drew it, because it is a way different style shown than picture 3.


You need to add dark accents. Such as in the eyes or creases of the body. The highlights look un-natural, due of the filter of color dodge or add I presume? Skin is not flawless. The shading is good. But in pictures 1,2, and 3, we need to know where the light source is coming from. You have a good understanding of how to use color though, so props to that. You need to work on how to draw clothes, so good luck.

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Lol sorry yea I didn’t even mean to include that picture it was something else I was working on…(I did not draw it) but thanks for the tips

No problem, feel free to come back anytime. :smiley:

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If you want me to criticize on the characters drawn in this cover, they need shading and highlights.
The colors used in the boy in the upper right do not go well together, maybe try using a yellow that’s a bit de -saturated? Cover wise, if you want the drawings to stand out, outline them with white, due to the background used. But it is very unique. I like what you did with the eyes matching the colors in the back.


Work on the lines, they are jagged. Try on your anatomy, because collarbones do not look like that. The shirt needs detail. Highlights are good, and the shading could use a bit more work. There is a light source, so I’d say you’re decent with light and shadows in this piece.

Thank you for the tips! Some of it is personal preference, in my opinion, but thanks anyways!

No problem. They are just tips, it’s up to you if you want to choose to follow them. :slight_smile:

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