Do you want criticism on your art?



oooo me too me too!


Maybe you could try putting a little less detail on the clothes, or make the lines of the wrinkles gray in color because they look too harsh complimenting the picture.
In the second picture, it seems like you got everything covered. Except try working on the clothes again, now you gotta make it more detailed. Some tips are you need to learn how to control how much detail you wanna put in the pictures lol


By the way, everyone, if I’m not active here, you can give other people criticism! Try to make it reasonable and don’t stretch it or lie about it.


Hello ! I just finished the art for the cover of my first story ! ^^ I’d like some constructive criticism please :3
(ps : i know her shoulders are too wide ;__; )


the hair looks flat compared to the skin, i think you should practice on that. i suggest you change the line art to be a color that compliments the skin and clothing, for example, changing the lineart color for the skin to be a dark red for the girl and a darker red for the boy due to their skin tones. sorry for not replying to you for a while :sweat_smile:


hello ! I think it’s because it wasn’t finished yet :sweat_smile:
here is the final result and another drawing of these two characters


Wow it’s so nicee


I haven’t finished this yet but can I get some tips?




make the lines stand out a bit more in the girl’s hair, and add some highlights to the boy’s hair. you should use some purple or blues to shade the clothes too
in the second picture, where is your source of light? ya need to add lighting to the pictures to make it more fluid.
and the line color for the girl’s hair should be a de-saturated dark yellow to help the hair a bit more.
overall your art is good so far, only problem is your lighting and lineart


use crisp or sharp lines for the shading. you did good on highlights/lighting


make the clothes more detailed, realistically speaking they won’t fold like that. add some light orange highlights on the sides of her face or hair so it looks like the fire is the light source.



OMG! I’ve come to the right thread!:grin:

My Art



Leaving my latest artwork here. :slightly_smiling_face:


Once again, so beautiful!!!


Thank you @Cassandra_Dean . :grin:


Can I have a review on my recent edit?



Love it! You know your style of art kind of reminds me of @AlexVale1’s style… and they both look stunning!!