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I would like it if you could read my first Episode story Swan - Pursuit of Justice.


I spent a very long time creating it as I had to recreate some of the backgrounds myself (using Episode Backgrounds provided on the platform) and perfecting the directing.

Title: Swan - Pursuit of Justice
Author: Katya Azzopardi (katyazz)
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 13 (Ongoing - if you guys like it I will publish Season 2)
Genre: Mystery (Romance/Action)
Description: A widowed Billionaire. A Teacher with a mission. An unlikely match. United by tragedy, divided by secrets, haunted by the past. The truth breaks them. Justice is their only hope .
Character Customisation: No (The story requires “photos” on the backgrounds)
Choices: Yes

Here’s the trailer for this story:

Swan - Pursuit of Justice Trailer an Episode Story by Katya Azzopardi

You can read the story here:

Hope you like it! Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. I’m currently also working on some Art Scenes


I’d lover for you to check out my story and let me know what you think. Thanks! :smile:

Title: Criminally Lovestruck
Author: Claire P.
Episodes: 3 (Ongoing)
Genre: Mystery
Style: Limelight
Description: When a case turns personal, a rookie police detective gets more than what she signed up for— a city with a bloody and escalating gang war, inner rivalries, and romantic intrigue.



Thanks for this thread, here’s my story if you’re interested! :two_hearts:
Instagram: ellec.writes
Title: Dying Love
Genre: Romance/Drama
Brief Description: I loved you the moment I laid eyes on you. …But as they say, all good things must come to an end. Art scenes inside.


You kill for a living. Running your own assassination business has its ups and downs. What happens when the man you’re sent to execute happens to spark your interest?

Author Name:



Love Complications is my very 1st story


Thank you so much for this thread!!
So this is my first story :two_hearts: I hope everyone have their time to read my story :two_hearts:
I’m up for R4R
Title: Speechless
Chapters: 4
Author: Episode.Cheesecake
Instagram: @episode.cheesecake
Description: There are a million different ways to say “I love you”. Noah’s happens to be the one without words. After meeting Grace unexpectedly, Noah’s life takes a turn to another direction.



Hi! Fell free to read my story :wink:

Tittle: Taken: Dead or Alive (INK)
Author: xoRoséxo
Genre: Drama/Action
Chapters: 10
Description: Rose & Sophia Beaumont are tough to handle. But what if one is taken and another one has been targeted to kill? Will they able to stay strong? Or love will get in their way? #mafiaworld#girlpower
Instagram: xoroses.episode

Rose&Sophia.jpg1242×1541 1.1 MB

credit to: ellendrawings_(IG)
DO let me know what you think!


Hi. First of all I just wanted to say thank you for making this thread I’ve found a couple of new stories on here that I want to read. Secondly I’ve just released my first story and it has about 10 reads. Honestly, it would mean so much o me if you read my story!

Story Details

Story Name - Outrunning Karma
Author - Lexxie AJ
Genre - Drama
Description - He’s bad. He’s bold. He’s a rebel. He’s everything I’m not. Well, that’s what I thought turns out we’re both trying to outrun karma
Style - Ink
Episodes Released - 3 (episode 4 is almost done)

Thank you in advance


Story: Blades of Desire

Author: Giselle C.

Genre: Mystery/Horror/Drama/Romance

Description: You thought going from rich to poor is the worst thing that could happen to you. Think again… a hot murderer is in town and he’s looking for you.

Features: Advanced directing, non-cliche plot line, choices matter, FULL character customization, unique and big closet, POC and LGBTQ characters, LGBTQ option, mini games.

Episodes: 3, 4 coming soon.





I wound love to do r4r :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Here is my story :slight_smile:
Story Title: Blind Date with Millionaire
Style: Limelight
Genre: Romance
Author: Senada
Published : 3 Chapters
You went on a blind date with a handsome young millionaire. What will happen when you wake up in the same bed?(Romance&Drama)




Hi hope you’ll enjoy my story!

My story: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Author: MKG

Genre: Romantic Comedy / some Drama

Story style: Limelight

Description: Every girl has their own story. Kiara, Willow, Samantha, and Sooyoung are 4 very different and unique girls. Follow each one as they grow up and discover first love, pain and what true friendship means.

4 different races, sexualities and multiple love interests for each girl.


Episodes: 4



you should check out my story
Title: Left BreathLess
Author: Lizzie C
Chapters : 5
Description: Bria wants her fairytale man. What happens when the fairytale man is the mafia leader? Will Bria be happy?Will anxiety win?or the mafia takeover her soul?
Covers: made by @Koolgal.epi on instagram



Hey, you can check out mine if you’d like! :smile:

Title: Wounded Souls
Author: SarahLuv
Genre: Thriller, Romance, Drama
Style: INK
Episodes: 8 (more coming soon)
Instagram: epi.sarahluv
Description: Shanelle has dealt with her deranged father all her life. With the help of Rowan, a guy she meets by chance. Will she be able to survive the wrath of her father’s demented games?
Story Link:


Hi, I just wanted to post again to give a shoutout to some other small authors who have amazing stories!

"Who’s That Girl?" by @rin.uchiha is amazing!
If you’re into rom coms, I would definitely check this underrated gem out :slight_smile:
Description: Adalind Danvers is starting fresh. New school, friends, and a soccer team. Complications arise when Adalind befriends soccer star, Jayden Calvert. Will they ever be more than friends?

*Daizees by @KPZ113

*What Did I Do? by Miss.JD

*The Teenage Vigilante @Cheesepls33

If you like romance stories with multiple love interests:
*Living in the Moment @vanessa.on.episode

If you want a story where choice seriously dictates what happens:
*Fading Away @FadingAwayEpisode

Fantasy or Sci-Fi:
*Twisted Fate: Blood Mythology @TwistedFate
*Binary Stars @Nodira


Check out my story .
Title: Left BreathLess
Author: Lizzie C
Chapters : 5
Description: Bria wants her fairytale man. What happens when the fairytale man is the mafia leader? Will Bria be happy?Will anxiety win?or the mafia takeover her soul?
Covers: made by @Koolgal.epi on instagram



Hey, thank you for creating this thread I would love for you to read my story.:slight_smile:
Here’s the details to my story in case you want to check it out.

Author: S_Unique

Title: The Four Horsemen

Genre: Fantasy

Style: Ink

Description: 4 Sins. 4 Angels fell. 4 Horsemen rose. A curse was casted. And the battle of good vs evil is about to begin. CC/ Choices matter




Will you please check out mine if you have the time?
It’s called MC: Tea for Two, and it’s for the Missed Connections contest.


This is a really good one!


Thanks Ariel :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:
I agreee with all her choices the only I have not yet read is Fading Away but I’m sure it’s great too because Ariel has great taste :wink: and don’t forget about her story “Matched” :heart: