Do you want to be friends?


Hey, :blush:
I’m new to this community and started my first story. I’d really like to make episode friends and talk with others about stories, writing and other stuff. If you wanna be my friend just contact me here or on my instagram page teddys_episode. :smile:


What are you writing about?


I’m writing about a guy named Zen who has problems with his mother, who isn’t a good influence and basicly try to ruin his life.
There is a side story for his bestfriend, too. The story contains LGBT characters. For example Zen is gay and later I’ll introduce other people from the LGBT community.
What are you writing about?


We could be friends. What’s going on?


That sounds really good.
I am writing about a single mom who feels alone and is scared of her ex-boyfriend but she ends up meeting a man who helps her and falls for her


I’m new too :wink:


Does that mean we friends?


I read all different kids of story’s but I like writing love story’s.


Umm not interested in lgbt at all
but welcome to episode forums!


That sounds interesting. Did you publish your story already?


No not yet I’m only on the second Chapter finishing it up know. What about yours?


Yes we are! Did you start with your story yet?


I like love storys, too but somehow I’m getting tired of girls being the MC. It’s hard to find a story where the male is the MC


I’m almost ready with the third episode. Then I’ll let someone proofread it and publish it.




Agree. I want to make one were the male is the MC but I just haven’t figured out who I would have the story line go yet!


Let me know when you get it out I want to read it.


But I thought your story was about a single mom?


Yes, I’ll tell you.