Do you want to be in my new story?

Status: Just started
Style: Ink
Name: Mystical Elements
Description: Fire is disappearing from the world. For millennia, humans thought that Fire was just something that they could control. Very few people suspected that the Elements are people with their own personalities, thoughts and feelings. Fire just so happens to be a really hot guy called Aidan with a hot temper, but a warm, caring and passionate heart. Unfortunately for all of humankind, he has become sick of being associated with pain and hell, so he decides to set up shop in a new world. Pretty soon, the world realises what they’re missing. You’re sent by the other Elements to convince him to come back, but is it too late?
CC?: No sorry
Choices?: Some but they don’t affect the story too much but I’m working on it

Character form:

Outfit form:

I filled out the form :smiley:

Thanks I’ll be adding your character

You were supposed to write which eyebrow you wanted but my thing glitched so can you write it here?


Girl- Seductive Round (Ayame)

Boy- Thin Arch (Kai)

Can I be in it ?

Yup just fill out the google forms

Finished :slight_smile:

Should I add another form for outfits?

Sure ! If you want :slight_smile:

Sorry to whoever chose the name jasmine I can’t use that one I already have it in the story

Creator of Violet??? You have won the role as Skylar’s bestfriend Skylar is also MC

Whoever wants to be Skylar’s othr bestfriend has to design a boy charcater that I like

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do the outfit one too you can also do oufits for other people characters

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Oh really? Thank you so much for he honor! ^^

You designed violet?

Yes, unless someone else made a character named Violet. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would love to have you design other characters in the future

Really? I can do that if you want! ^^ :purple_heart: (I also made a another character Sakura and yes a Japanese name because I’m a weeb) :joy:

You made Sakura? I loved her as well I’m thinking of having her as a bad person but I need some more boys too can you help with that?

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