Do you want to be in my story through the eyes of the storm?

Ayame is done! I love her!

Either way, I don’t mind. Whatever help you on your story :slight_smile:

I’m glad you like my character :smiley:

Now to get started!

Awesome! :hugs:

Hello good morning does anyone have any idea’s of what Merlia’s abilities should be?
I haven’t decided yet!

Do you still need any more people/characters??

Absolutely! I am open to all suggestions!

Name: Aleigh
Gender: Female
Hair: Beach Wave Blue Light
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Blossom Lips Plum
Skin Tone: Fair
Brows: Defined Natural
Eyes: Round Bold Purple

Ability: Power to control/make lightning
Outfit: Black Beach Day Romper, Black Leather Sandals

Backstory: Aleigh is a smart girl of the age 17. She is mature and knows things no one else possible could. She is kind and friendly to everyone but has a sarcastic attitude as well (once she gets to know you). She hardly ever gets mad, and the people she is closest with she would do anything for. Once you betray her, you may never get her trust back. She doesn’t need complete luxury to be happy.

I am so sorry about this but can she have a different eye color because the main character has purple eyes and they are unique to her abilities. Super sorry!

No sure! That’s fine. White maybe??

YES that works! Thank you I feel pretty bad It’s just very unique to her abilities and backstory which I have not really decided on yet!

It’s fine, really. I think white eyes fit her/her abilities more anyways. :blush:

Alright! :grinning:

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She is great!

So really no body has any idea on what Merlia’s powers should be that’s just fantastic!

Maybe something to do with the earth. Like plant life?

I thought about that but she has to be really unique!

Okay… how about something dark, something kind of like necromancy… or something else like the ability to change someone emotions just by looking them in the eye? I dunno just some ideas

Oh my gosh I just thought about something amazing I might use your idea’s for other characters thank you!

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Alright :blush: I’m glad you found something for her