Do you want to have a chance to be in my story 66th and Parks?

Hey!!! Hope you are all having a good weekend. So I posted a ‘character giveaway’ on my instagram emily.rose.writes a few hours ago, wasn’t sure what to call it and this is what I posted. If anyone is interested just share the first picture of my post to your story and tag me and obviously you need to be following me. There will be two winners and maybe more depending on how many people join, one of the characters will be Jack’s best friend who is also his brother’s girlfriend and the other will be the bartender at their favourite bar.

Here is the link to my story: 66th and Parks

Here’s some information about my story:

Title: 66th and Parks
Genre: Mystery / Romance / Comedy
Full Customisation: Yes
Story Blurb: Have you ever tried to think like a criminal just to prevent them from hurting good people?
What if that was what you did every day with the man of your dreams?
More Info: This is a light hearted story with a lot of friend and big family drama, it follows Georgie Parks as she and her partner Jack James solve mysteries and catch criminals. It also follows their personal and love life.
Episodes: 5 lots more to come, I am aiming to update once a week


Sure why not😂

Just joined and best of luck to your contest!

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Thank you :purple_heart: Let’s just hope it doesn’t flop, cos if it does no one ever saw it :joy:

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