Do you want to join an Insta group chat (mainly for editors)?

I don’t know if it’s a stupid idea but I want to create a group chat on instagram for editors.
Want’s the use for it?

  • Motivate each other
  • Help with inspiration
  • Criticize our art/edits
  • Give each other tips
  • Be friends (This is optional :joy: But I’d still like to get to know you )

If you want to join you can leave your Instagram username and I’ll create a group
Here’s mine a.c.epi


Sound like a great idea but I don’t have insta. :heart:

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Aww shoot… Instagram is the easiest way for me to communicate… thanks anyways :pensive:


Best of luck ( ◠‿◠ )


can i join? :star_struck: my insta is @sunshine.epii !

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Ooooo bish IM DOWN :joy:

I can join too❤️ @erika_r.episode

Oooh sounds like a great idea!! @Daisy_Epi hehe

My insta - @cjarts__
Thanks :upside_down_face:

@paigebarr @lvqbrl @raindrvps @EpisodeGamer1 @Erika_R @Daisy_Flower1 @Captain_vanilla yay!!! I’ll create the group later kinda busy😅


I would love to join! My insta is @mya.writes2019

Can I join? @purplerose.episode

@paigebarr @lvqbrl @raindrvps @EpisodeGamer1 @Erika_R @Daisy_Flower1 @Captain_vanilla @Mya.writes @talesbyrose The group chat is now created!!! :crazy_face:


I’d like to join!
My Instagram is @editsbyleslie and @epsd.leslie <----(if I need a break from my main)

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Awesome! I’ll add you to the group! :grin:

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Heyy everyoe! Mine is @episav, and I’d love to make friends with people & maybe do trades n stuff. I’m just starting out but I promise I have a lot of potential hehe. My profile pic is the first episode drawing I’ve ever done<3

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Sure I’ll add you as well!

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

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Hey @Sydney_H can you close this?

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