Do You Want To Join My Art Thread?

Hi all!

I originally was a part of Epy.dreams and I loved it! But it became too much for me… so I’ve decided to create my own art thread! And I’m looking for people to join!! Do you like creating art? Covers, Character Edits, Backgrounds, Profile Pictures, Art Scenes, and Splashes? Then you have come to the right place!

If you would like to join, please show off some of your artwork that you’re proud of and I may be sending you a message.

Once accepted, I will be making an art thread here on the forums, we would have to come up with a name! Once that happens, we open up requests to the community!

Please list what you would be interested in creating:

  • Covers

  • Background Edits/Creating Backgrounds

  • Profile Pictures

  • Character Edits

  • Splashes (Warning, sound backgrounds, etc.)

  • Art Scenes (Special art that people can use for their stories)

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