Do you wear Durag?

Hi !
So while I was creating some outfit for my new story, I was wondering if it would nice to get some Durag for man or woman ?
I mean it’s kind of the trend actually, (In Paris) we see a lot of girl or even guy wearing with an durag or the large bonnet you suppose to wear only for sleep…
But, what do you think ? Wouldn’t that be awesome ? BTW do you guys wear Durag and does it help to grow your hair ?


What do you mean it’s a trend?


I believe it’s something viral / it’s in fashion ( or not idk)

yeah something viral ! My bad we using this word in french :smiling_face_with_tear:

I have curly hair. So…

Sometimes I use “touca de cetim”, I don’t know the name of it in English.

This one

But, in a not so distant past, when I did chemical procedures in my hair, Brazilian Blowout.

To sleep, I put in my hair, in Brazil we call “Nero” , is similar to the durag, but it is made of pantyhose, man it’s excellent! Makes hair look amazing the next day!

But none of this helps with hair growth.

This is a Nero:

Yeah ! that’s exactly how it look and I see people wearing with their outfit
It sound useful the durag with the pantyhose ! I never heard 'bout it

Ohw ! It does look like what girls put before wearing their wigs ?

Here is something SO old. The one made with pantyhose is a classic, cheap, and works great. But using it on the street is common only in small neighborhoods, for shopping, sleeping, staying at home. Or in poorer places, like favelas. Or in rural regions.

Using this to go to the theater, cinema, in large centers, is something totally inappropriate.

It’s funny to hear that it’s a fashion thing.


Yes man!

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To make the hair grow:
Caster oil (Óleo de rícino)

I know that actually ! Using it from Shea Moisture the smell of the product is somethin’ !!

Durags are great to sleep in, (referring to the standard ones made silk or satin material) as it helps your hair retain moisture while sleeping which in turn helps your hair to grow. I’m a woman with long hair so I prefer to wear a bonnet which is kind of the traditionally female equivalent. I do like to wear durags if I’m straightening my hair, keeps it flat and hydrated.

I never wear those things in public though. Although I’ve seen some people wear more stylish ones that they coordinate with their outfits.


Agree with all you saying ! So while ur protecting your hair u make them grow up, so the durags !

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thats a bonnet i believe

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:scream: Did not know. Thanks !

For me bonnet was a type of old hat. :joy: :joy: :joy:
(I have to stop watching videos about fashion history)


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they’re both bonnets!


Yeah lol I wear a bonnet (silk) by of my hair length it helps protect curls too, I wear a durag if I’m slicking my hair back or laying my edges :grin:
-if you want durags to be a suggestion to the episode team go to the suggestions category and create a topic titled CLOTHING: Durag (m&f) :blush: (include a picture!)

Oh for edges too I didn’t know, that’s good to know for real ! :raised_hands:
And yeah I will check and post right there ! thank you !!
(Ps: I see a cake beside your name is that ur birthday ? If it is : Happy Birthday :partying_face: :grin:)

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