Do you wing your episode stories or draft them?


  • I wing my stories LOL
  • I draft my stories in a paper/notebook

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I do a little bit of both.


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I kinda do both. I draft most of the basic storyline and then wing little details and filler in the episodes.


tbh i wanna draft them but im too lazy ugh :’)


I just wing it, 'cause I’m too lazy to plot things out.




I mean, I always have a general idea of what I want the chapter to be about then I just wing it the rest of the way.


I do both. If a story is simple for me to understand- I wing it, but I have this complex story that I don’t want to ruin- so I’m drafting it on my computer first.


I do both… it helps with writers block to write down any idea


I get major writer’s block winging it. Then I scrap everything & start over. :weary:


Drafting (at the very least, the basic stuff) is the best way to go. It makes writer’s block very unlikely and better in the long run


I draft them. I draft the overall plot outline and then I plan out each episode scene by scene.
I winged my first story ever and it was a giant hot mess lol.


I plan the major points and wing the details