Do your/anyone's linktree's workin'?

I don’t know if ANYONE is experiencing this, but I can’t open anyone’s linktree except othet link websites.
I tried chrome, firefox, and any other internet webapp, it WON’T work. That means I can’t access to Episode’s link subject related :pensive: I don’t know is it because of our region, I searched and it said Instagram won’t accept their link because…


Instagram is continuing to mark some Linktree links as spam which causes the link in your Instagram bio to become blocked and no longer be clickable by your audience. This message is from Instagram itself so Linktree has no control over when or why it happens. Presumably, it is put in place by Instagram to check the links in your bio and make sure they’re not a security risk, as well as preventing you from fabricating your Instagram stats by clicking your own link in your bio.

Remember, I searched this particular question in google, AND I CANT ACCESS THIS WEBSITE ON GOOGLE EITHER… Please let me know if your experiencing too…

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I am sorry, I don’t know how to help you, because I’ve never experienced this. But if it doesn’t change, you can still switch to another “link programme” or website :blush:

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