Doctor's Day Shelf (and Women's History Month)

Hey everyone! My name is Gen, and I’m a medical student in her final year about to start my first job as a resident doctor this summer! :kissing_heart: I know I’m not very active on these new forums (I was very active on the old ones). Some of you may know me as the author of ‘Dripping Mascara’ – an old fantasy/romance Classic story with 132 chapters, which also happened to be the 4th story on the app to get 1 million reads way back in 2016! :smile: It’s been a few years and I’m hoping to revamp that soon.

But this thread is to talk about something else. I’m peeping in to say hello and also to suggest an unofficial shelf of sorts for you to consider reading in a month that celebrates both women and doctors! National Doctor’s Day is March 30!! I wanted to share the few stories I found on the app that feature women who are doctors or nurses, or who work with men who are doctors/nurses. Please share your own suggestions below and let’s make this a thread to celebrate accomplished and hardworking female doctors / nurses / healthcare workers this month in conjunction with celebrating Women’s history this month!

Personally, my romance story ‘Wasted Roses’ is about a family medicine doctor named Rose, who returns to a small town with VERY big drama and terrible secrets, and then reconnects with a childhood love. The story has a lot of really cool games where you can make choices as a doctor: saving lives, working with your team of nurses, doing surgery (upcoming), diagnosing heart murmurs, skin cancers (upcoming), and read ECGs (upcoming) – and a future baby delivery game planned, too! It’s a fun story but it is also one that teaches you a lot. The story gets you/your children excited about medicine as opposed to Hollywood/music, which are great and fun to read about, but a liiiiitle over-represented on the app :slight_smile: A story celebrating women in STEM + medicine fields is rare on the app and I have striven to make sure my stories feature women like this!

Rose is intersex, too, with a condition called Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. I hope it’s something you learn more about by reading the story! I am excited to see your suggestions below about healthcare-centered stories :blush: Bring them on!!


I think this is a great idea and I’d love to see more medical stories.