Does any one know how in stories they make fake phone text?

Does anyone know how t make a text and let the reader read it and then the next text comes in?

There are websites where you can generate them.

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Or you can code it.

Hey! Thank you! This really helped me out!

@bethanyk14 but I already found a text. I want for the readers to read the text and press it for another text.

Oh, then you’d have to put in the “choice” button. Basically, just go to the right-hand side of the script writing place, and you should see this thing that says “Script templates” scroll down, and you’ll see the one that says Choice-outfit and Choice-simple. Either one will work fine for this. For the Outfit choices, just keep one of the choices (there should be outfit 1,2,3 delete the 2nd and 3rd one) and keep all of the coding on the outfit one choice. Then, just erase all of the extra stuff you don’t need, like the thing that says “Should I wear this?” and the yes and no **YOU DONT NEED THIS STUFF, YOU JUST NEED THE NAME “Outfit 1” then you can continue on and add whatever you want after this. Sorry, I’m not very good at explaining things! Please send a photo of what your script looks like if you need any help!

@JennyOuellette but I’m doing it in Limelight and there are no outfit choices in the script templates.

so when characters talk and readers click to read the next dialogue

Like these