Does any one know how to edit the a story's description on the computer?

I’m the process of writing my story, and I have just finished the cover art but at the time I created the story I wasn’t ready to write the description for people to read when they decide to choose it or not?

I think i’m just overlooking it as I’ve done all this complex coding and I can’t find the *Edit description for story? Can you do it on the app or on the computer? Does it only come up when you are ready to publish?

oh and whilst I’m asking questions, is five days excessive for cover art approval?
Many thanks-


So here is what you will see

Click on update

Then you will encounter this page (excuse the trashy tags but tags are a great way for people to stumble upon your story!)

You will see an option to adjust the description and other pieces of info too.

Perfect thanks for the help!

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You can also just click on “More Options” underneath your story’s title if you just want to save your description without having to wait to publish it.

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Ahhh thank you!!