Does any one know how to get those special outfits?



can anyone please tell me how to get special outfits


What do you mean ‘special outfits’?


In other episode stories i saw characters having special outfits and when i looked for it in the outfit section to add it into my story its not there


Oh yes!! Those are outfits that episode made for that story in specific and can not be accessed by a writer that does not work directly for Episode Interactive.


Oh so then how do we work for episode interactive?


You need to apply for a job there I think


I don’t think they are hiring right now though, and I think you have to live near their headquarters and be over 18. I’m not sure though


You could ask @Jeremy or @Sydney_H or @ForumAdmin


How old do u have to be to apply for a job there?


At least 18 at minimum. Maybe older?


Yeah I think about that


I just looked it up, at this moment Episode is not hiring


Okay thanks


Those outfits (along with other special features) are only available for Episode original stories or Featured authors. The only way to become a featured author (and to have access to those special features) is if Episode contacts you directly and wants to work with you. Applying for a job with them does not grant you access to those special things.


Oh okay


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Does anyone know when there will be new clothing for ink? Just curious


I don’t think they are advancing ink anymore




I know right! so sad :frowning: