Does Any One Know Were I Can Get An Ouija Board Overlay?

I’m In Need Of An Ouija Board Overlay, If Any One Can Help :v:

Thanks In Advanced :purple_heart:

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I searched online and couldn’t find any free ones, I found some on Shutterstock, but you have to like pay monthly for that. If you have Shutter stock, you can give me the image you’d like to be an overlay and I can cut it out and make it an overlay.

Although, if you don’t have Shutterstock, I could try to make it for you, it doesn’t seem that hard lol.

What kind of thing are you like looking for? Cuz I’m bad at perspective, so if you want the board to be lying on a table or at an angle, nope lol. But I could totally do something that looks like this:
Ya know, just lying straight down like that.

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Hey, Thanks. I’ll Use That One For Now, I’ll Try And Make One My Self… (I Don’t Know Why I Didn’t Think Of That lol)
But If I Can’t I’ll Get Back To you, And Again Thanks :v:


@Sydney_H Can You Please Close This.

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Although, that isn’t a free image I don’t think. You can use that one as a reference tho. Just putting this out there.

Yes, What I Meant Is I’ll Keep That One Until I Make My Own. I’m Keeping That One So I Can Have An Idea On How To Make The Board

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Ok! Good luck!

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: