Does anybody do free art covers?


I’m creating my story and i’m looking for a artist who does free art covers.
I’m interested in more realistic style. I will credit!! If you know somebody or you make FREE (because i’m broke) art covers reply to this or DM me on IG : @melcy_episode


free art covers. there is also good is hard to come by, art is expensive after all. I say this as an artist myself. I dont sell because I am not that good. but many of my friend do and there prices is around 60 dollers.You might think its expensive. but that is art’s worth.

I cant help you with a drawn one. but if you want an edited one you are welcome to look by my art shop


Hey! I do here are my examples!! Idk if these are realistic but :woman_shrugging:

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Yours are ink style honey, not realistic as a style. Not saying they aren’t good, don’t misunderstand please, they are good, I was just answering when you said you don’t know :grinning:.

@Melcy it will be very hard to find someone who will do realistic art for free, obviously depending on how long they have been doing it. You might find someone who is just starting to experiment in that style, will make one for free. However it is rare.
I personally do realistic style, but I am a commission artist, so that doesn’t help you obviously, but just letting you know, from my experience and view point. It is unlikely you will find someone who will volunteer realism, however I wish you luck and should you ever change your mind about commissioning a piece, you can find me on Instagram @Cheyara_episode58

A couple of examples


Can you do me a cover because i am cucurently writting the story?

Who are you asking to make it? You didn’t reply to a specific one of us :slightly_smiling_face:

I was just asking If somebody wants to make me a cover for my story

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If you want to get someone to make you a cover, it’s best to create your own thread asking for someone to make you one, or put in a request at an art shop.
Avoid asking on someone else’s thread where they are asking for something, as it creates confusion when someone offers to help, someone can then miss out getting the help they want because someone sees another person agreeing to help and presumes they have found what they are looking for :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok,thank you so much:slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh no your good! I love your art btw you are so talented!! :heart:

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Oh bless your heart, thank you :blush:

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Of purse!! :heart::heart:

Hey girl, if you still need an Art my art thread is open ( twins art shop ) no charge or anything I do this for fun so! Let me know if you need help still by messaging me!

Hi! I loved your art examples, are you able to make any for me, they look so good in my opinion!

GURL!!! Could you make me a cover?? :weary: You are so good you just lowered my self esteem :sob::joy:

Hi, thanks, that’s very sweet of you, but sorry those examples are of my commission style, so not free, and I just don’t have time to take on any of those, as my novels are my first priority, and so writing takes up my free time.
I wish you the best though with finding another artist :blush: