Does anybody else dislike Spotlight mode for limelight?


I’ve only seen a couple of books using spotlight mode and I just hate the layout, what’s your opinion of it


Personally, I prefer the original Limelight. Spotlight, which should’ve stayed released all those years ago, is considered a rip-off of Choices (which is kind of a rip-off of Episode.) Anyway, Spotlight doesn’t serve any purpose since the majority of these stories require the full body, and it feels more like a Choices story than an Episode story. But that’s just me.


Agreed, I enjoy seeing the movement in characters, not just them in one sitting area. I think it says the reason its there is because they want the readers focus more on the characters and not the actions that they’re doing


My point exactly, and let’s be real. If the actors just sat around, it wouldn’t feel much like a story. The actions make the story feel more “alive” and less “plastic.”


yes and episode is pretty much known for making stories come to “life”. spotlight destroys that whole point IMO.


Exactly. I know some people wanted it back, but I think Episode should start working on the child actors (it is a bit disturbing to see a five year-old with the breast of and adult.) And back to the original claim, this is Episode, not Choices. But if the fans want Spotlight, then they may use it; but I’m sticking with Limelight.


I don’t like it. certain animations look ridiculous. The fainting animation slices them as they fall, the kneeling-reaching animation cuts their arm, and they, for the love of god, cannot lay down on the screen. I hate it so much. Not judging people who like it, I respect other’s opinions. But this is just my opinion. :joy:


I’m not a fan of it, either, and I literally can’t read those stories because it hurts my eyes.


I hate spotlight sooo much!! We just see those bubbles!! :joy:


I don’t hate the spotlight mode. If you’re more of a voracious reader and can imagine the characters’ actions as narrated, then I don’t think you face any problems. And, yeah. It’s somewhat similar to that Choices game. But what makes it unique from the formerly mentioned game is that you can still customize and play out certain actions in Episode: Spotlight format, rather than illustrating everything out in portraits and ridiculously artistic drawings like Choices (No Offence, Choices lovers!).
P.S. It’s also helpful to those writers who face difficulty in spot placement and Advanced Directing. It also saves the writers a whole lot of time and they can publish early too!



Never thought about it in that aspect, thank you for your opinion


Can I just point out that the company who makes Choices used to be a subset of EA games and they have been making mobile story game apps such as Surviving High School and Cause of Death in that very same format literally 8 years before Episode came out?

I keep seeing people saying they’re ripping Episode off when their first mobile story game actually predates the iPhone and the Pocket Gems company itself.


I highly dislike the spot like I mean it’s like your just cutting in half the story kind of.


At first I thought I would hate Spolight, but I started reading a story in it because it really intrigued me, and I ended up not minding it at all by the time I was through the first chapter. I still prefer the original style, but I think Spotlight can work as long as you have more detailed writing. I’m a huge Choices fan though (actually diverse stories ftw), so maybe that’s the reason I don’t mind it.


It depends. If the story has really good dialogue, I usually just pay attention to the words on the screen and not the characters, so I think Spotlight helps with that. For example , the story Sherlock in Love has amazing dialogue and is beautifully written, and I think the author knew that, so she made the story in Spotlight style.


This is funny because Sherlock in Love was actually the exact story I was thinking of when I wrote my comment. 10/10 Recommend


Same! I’m a huge choices fan!! I just love their stories! What’s your favorite story?


Crown and the Flame and Most Wanted are my all time favorites but honestly I really enjoy all of their stories, except maybe Home for the Holidays.


Omg same! I love TCTF! Who did you choose at the end? Ikr, Home for the holidays was one of their worst books. I also love TRR a LOT!


I entered the spotlight contest as I wanted to give the style a shot and figured that was the perfect opportunity.
I didn’t like it at first, but it grew on me. I read a LOT of spotlight stories that entered the contest and the style didn’t bother me at all. I do like Choices, and I find the Episode version of spotlight better as it’s more animated.

PROS: Super easy to direct. I got all three of my episodes finished in less than two weeks. I usually average an episode a week in the cinematic style, sometimes longer if it’s for a contest. I also found that writing in this style really encouraged me to write if that makes sense. I couldn’t rely on directing as much to “show” the story, so I had to really rely on dialogue and a little more narration (without making it too narrative). I actually liked that- I honestly think my writing improved as a result.

CONS: I do prefer the look of cinematic. I also have been getting DAILY fanmail telling me the style looks stupid or telling me to remove the bubbles, as if I can just press a button and suddenly get a beautifully directed story :roll_eyes:. I’m going to guess the reader retention is a lot lower on these stories than ones in the regular style.

I probably won’t write in this style again. I like directing and I prefer the look of cinematic, but I wouldn’t not read a story because it’s in spotlight. I think this style is great for writers who struggle with directing or who may not have a lot of time. It’s definitely quicker to produce a story in spotlight. Directing can often take longer than the actual writing!