Does anybody else get tired of their story after editing it so much?

I’ve been working on the first episode of my story for almost a month now. I’m taking my time with it, because planning your story thoroughly helps you avoid plotholes. However, the problem lies in me being a perfectionist. Since I’ve replayed & edited my episode thousands of times to get it right I am now I’m tired of it. At first, I laughed/smiled at the jokes placed throughout the story, but now I’m so bored with it. Now I can’t tell if the story is actually bad or if I’ve just read it too much.

This also contributes to me starting things and not being able to finish them. I get this rush of dopamine at the beginning, but then me being a perfectionist & having to do things over and over again makes that feeling go away. Then I start a new project & the cycle repeats.


OMG YESS I feel this on a spiritual level! I have been working on CC for legit a month because of this like :woman_facepalming: :man_facepalming: like am I okay?

I also feel this, with other things two like I lobe the movie Hidden Figures and it’s such a good movie, but I have watched it every year for 4 years cause of math class and I am sorry but I dont enjoy it anymore…

are you my twin! you took the words out of my mouth. I have tried writing and my longest book ever is 5 chapters… I also have never polished cause I honestly never made it to episode 3 and cause I think its not good enough for people to like it so I go back and try and make it PERFECT

anyways that was sort of a rant BUT YES YES YES
I feel you

on a positive note its kinda a blessing in disguise, I feel like its you care so much about it that it ends up hurting in the long run, but all you wanted to do was share something you wanted everyone to love.

the only thing i can say is that it isn’t curable as far as I know but taking a break from it is a solution. I am not saying quit the story I am just saying move on you can go back to it at anytime let your mind stop stressing about the imperfections and start getting that passion again!!!

hope this helps~


This is literally me all the time, I thought I was the only one!


Tbh I just publish my story before that happens. If the spelling, grammar, and directing is how I want it to be, I’ll publish it. And I try to fix all of that within a few days so I don’t even have the chance to get sick of it.

Having said that, I’m almost scared to re-read my completed story. I feel like I need to wait until I forget all of the dumb jokes before I read it again lol


Okay. Same. But I think you’ve probably just read it too much.

Instead of always checking it, you can have someone else proofread it for you. That way, you can get extra advice and a fresh pair of eyes.


I love your pfp!


I would recommend taking breaks in between writing and planning, like with me for example I have so many stories ideas that I came up with and somewhat develop and I can’t choose between one, so I do a spin the wheel to chose which story I would go with, also maybe if you have two stories ideas for example maybe take a break from one and then work on the other, for something like that. That kinda helped with me but I would most definitely recommend the break and come back to it in a few days.


Thank you so much, I love yours.


I FELT this. :sob:


I always end up redoing it, so I never end up publishing I’m very confident in my new one. But this is the six story I’ve redone in the last three years.


When I take a break I end up loosing inspiration and motivation


@Xomimixx309 true it sometimes stressful but have put mind to it to work with it and even code is like to much and tired and like me is doing 7 story and different tittle as for description for 7 story and since my first story i have do 50 chapter i doing and like i have do two story at same time like two different tittle story so i can see if i can finished up first chapter before i go to others chapter because as different story have different Genres and as it will be different chapter in each story but since i taking time and break while trying find a tittle that episode don’t have on search like what i mean is i trying to think out of the box that episode don’t have as yet so i have to code and stuff and even i get sleepy lately alots sometimes. and it my first time writing a story but me i am working on the story so i believe myself i can make it to finished up the story and never give up on writing story it is fun to do story just put mind and afford to it and one day you will be famous.

and i agree with
with they honest comment :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I did, haven’t worked on it in a year. I may or may not even continue