Does anybody here care about fame in the community?

Does anybody else notice how unequal the community is? Big authors are some kind of “Episode famous” and they have an advantage over the community. A lot of them are super rude to not-so-famous people thinking they’re better because they have a lot of reads, which is pretty dumb if you ask me.

Awfully a lot of people get excited if a famous author replies them if they idk DM them on Instagram or something, I’ve heard it a lot, what I’m asking is why? And also, if are there any other people who could see that?

If you’d meet some author of an Episode story irl would it really be the same? It would probably not matter at all for you, you’d not even know how the person looks like unless it’s one of those who post “face reveals” of themselves on social media but still, it doesn’t actually matter…

In a few years, really not a lot, Episode won’t even exist and all the authors who are now “famous” will have to come back to being not so famous anymore…

I don’t think about successful writers/ editors or whatever on Episode like they’re important, if they’re rude and Episode is like their entire life, like, seriously, get a life, I actually kinda hate them.

I feel like I’m the only one who thinks like that, Episode is something (that at least is supposed to be) fun and it just pisses me off. I only play, get to the forums, Episode social media, the portal or anything else when I have free time.

I said a lot of things and I hope I didn’t hurt anyone, feel free to add something and say your opinion. Does anyone agrees with this? Maybe not…


I don’t think that “every” writer that is famous and have millions or thousands of reads on their story are rude…We all know @wincyyellow and @EliseC They are famous and have so many reads on their story and are very sweet and kind…
But I am not trying to say or criticise your opinion…We are humans we all have a different mindset and opinion on every possible matter that arises…
But that is something that we all think I message so many authors of my favorite stories and they do reply saying “Thank you It means a lot” I don’t think this is in any sense rude…
But I don’t get overly excited over this that my favorite stories writer just messaged me and replied to me so I should be on cloud 7…
So we can’t say that every person who is famous on episode has a bigger hand…
And I came her for the purpose that will help me become a good writer…I am really looking forward to every writers story that they publish specially to those who I admire…
Maybe my story won’t be the best but it would or maybe a start of something new wouldn’t it??
So, Episode writers that are successful have a life, they have problems to deal with but by that they can’t let the readers that are waiting for them to publish the next chapter be sad that is the responsibility of being an author… you have to go out of your way to make the reader that have faith in you that you will publish the chapter don’t get sad over it…
I think my reply was a very off topic one but oh well just wanted to point these things out…:blush::blush::blush:



Thank you! That’s very kind of you to think I’m sweet and kind :flushed:

I agree with what you said too. Although I do know some writers with certain ‘diva’ traits, a lot are actually quite down to earth.


No, I’m not saying when they’re nice it’s bad or when they simply have a lot of reads it makes them rude I’m talking about the ones that are rude and people still adore them, that’s what bothers me.


Well I just stated what I think is true so no need to thank me for that…:blush::blush:

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Then I probably didn’t get encountered with these writers if I did and I liked their very…
Then too I will NOT continue their story as the writer represent what type of story would it turn out as…
And if the writer s like this so god knows how their story would…
And I won’t care if that story has a million reads whatsoever…

I agree with a lot of what you said and a lot of what @S.Dsana said. I guess some people may get excited when popular or ‘famous’ Episode writers talk to them because maybe it’s someone they look up to and/or someone who has inspired them or helped them in a way. Or maybe they think of them as popular authors, the same as authors who write well-known books or books that they really love. They may be fans, so get excited by things like this. Would you get excited if your favourite author messaged you? I definitely wouldn’t be over the moon excited, but it would probably make me happy. Meeting them wouldn’t be the most exciting thing, either. Yeah, I’d thank them and praise them for their story/stories, but they are the same as you just more well-known.

I do notice how unequal the community is, though. Smaller/lesser-known authors don’t have the same opportunities that larger authors have. Also, I think it’s peoples mindsets that makes them these rude people. Some smaller authors can be like this and definitely some of the larger ones too. The ‘fame’ can get to your head, but don’t take it out on the people that got you to that point because it will make people dislike or even hate you and probably stop reading your stories. Not every big other is rude, but I definitely know a few are.

I don’t agree, however, with writers needing to ‘get a life’ if Episode ‘is like their entire life’. Many people start writing to release everything they’ve been bottling up inside them, have a place where they feel they can be 100% themselves, to escape the real world and create their own, etc. I’m on Episode quite a lot, partly because of the reasons I mentioned and also because it calms me down a lot. I’m not one to go out with my friends a lot, I prefer to stay home and watch Netflix or write on Episode or be on the forums. I should go out more and enjoy other things in life, but doing this doesn’t stress me out and I don’t feel the pressure of social situations. Episode isn’t my life, but it sure is a big part of it and has helped me through a lot of my problems, which I’m sure is some other people’s situations too. I also only do it in my free time, but I have a lot of that :joy:

Sorry for the rant, this is all mixed up, but oh well :sweat_smile: This is just my opinion and we are all free to express are own. I do agree with you on some things, just not all of it :slightly_smiling_face:


I wasn’t saying anything about stories, it’s more a social media thing really, that people treat them like celebrities even when they’re really not and even acting really rudely… Not all big authors are like that, and the nice ones are definitely not included in this… Can you get what I’m trying to say here?

Personally you notice the rude and famous authors more as they have a lot more recognition but there are still equally as rude authors who aren’t as “famous”.


It does depends on the person, but when people are already rude and they have some fans on Episode they have some kind of advantage to their side and they can be even more rude! (:woman_facepalming:)


Yeah, some people are generally rude

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Aha especially when you ask one thing, I asked “Could we customise please, I love you!” and she replied “leave, I’m not doing customisation” and I was like shook.


Yeah, stuff like that annoys me so much. There are much nicer things to say! If somebody asked me the same things I might put something like:

“Love you too and thanks for supporting me! Sorry, but I don’t think customisation fits with my story, but maybe I could add other things like more dressing games or changing lip colour and hair. I’m open to suggestions!”

Like, not exactly this, but something similar. There’s no need to be rude to the people that are trying to support you and there are nicer ways to get you point across. I would be shook too if someone said that to me. Mini rant over :smile:


I guess it can be a bit like A list celebrities irl. Not all of them are the nicest people, but we still watch their movies and listen to their songs. So if a really good episode author is “rude” people are still going to read their work.


Yeah, I get what you are saying now. By the way, that’s so cool that you are training to fight in the army! I wish you look with that and it’s an amazing thing to do :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, but kinda worse…

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How so?

I both agree and disagree.

Anyone can be rude and disrespectful, and yes the authors that are in the ‘limelight’ so to speak means you notice the comments that they make that seem a little more rude than necessary. But they are just people. They have thousands of followers and fans, but with that means they are also open to the rude fanmails, DM’s and comments that accompany the recognition that none of us will see. Some bad comments are made towards an author, the author replies and then the author is targeted as the rude one?
I am in no way saying there aren’t rude authors, as I know for a fact there are (one in-particular comes to mind).
But imagine being asked the same question, a thousand times over which you’ve answered and yet it’s still being asked? Even after answering the question, the same person will ask why? It hasn’t happened to me but I can for sure say I would find that irritating.

Fame means nothing to me, If you;re a nice person, I’ll respond in the same way but if you’re rude to me then you’ve opened yourself to have a little reality check and one that is certainly necessary if that’s how anyone thinks is the best way to have a conversation.

Also, a lot of the bigger authors make their living from writing stories. Some people genuinely care about being an author and don’t find it to ‘just be a hobby’. So I can understand why they take it that little bit more serious than anyone else.

I haven’t had a conversation with any big authors, not intentionally, I just don’t deem it to be something I find particularly important as it doesn’t affect me in any way. I find kindness is the way forward, so if someone is ever rude to me I’d most likely reply with a smart ass comment and then block them.


As to actors and singers, they actually work and get money for what they do, when they’re actual celebrities and they’re “not nice” when you meet them at opportunities as annoying fans (at least it’s how it seems to them) is not like a DM on Instagram or fan mail or anything else really that doesn’t even come as that annoying, those people do that for fun and get bunch of love, it’s not even so much hard work, at least different from what real celebrities have to do and they’re just being awful… So it’s worse, in a way…

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Yeah, I agree with everything you said. If someone kept asking me the same thing over and over again, that others have already asked, I would get annoyed. I would be nice about it, but not everyone is the same so people deal with that type of stuff differently.

Same with the smart ass comment thing :joy: If someones rude to me, I’ll be rude/nice about it back and just shut them down, but sometimes it depends on the situation.