Does anybody know stories where you can put outfits to your profile from?🥹

I just recently found out about the pop up shops, but I don’t want a halloween one, and I also found out some ppl got the outfits from episode original stories. Please help a girl out!:heart::melting_face:

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Hello there,
I don’t remember exactly which ones, but if I’m not mistaken, and if no changes were made, then this story gives like 1-2 outfits (dresses)…

Usually stories show/tell the reader that the outfit would be added to their avatar.


The dresses

Plus pop-up shops come from time to time, with different outfits.

I’d love to be corrected if I’m mistaken :grinning:

This story no longer outfits anything to the profile:(.

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Thank you for letting me know!
Guess the outfits are available for a limited time then.

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If so, I think the only ones that are useful are the stories that the app publishes.:pleading_face:

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I’ve got several of them

Always a Bridesmaid

If I remember correctly I had to buy the outfit but the option to add to profile was free. I replayed it to get more outfits but there are tons of options.

Pop up Shops

There are two different shops excluding the Halloween one, the green one I had to buy from the second shop and the other outfits were completely free.

The Prince's Bride

I think this one was completely free.

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Here’s a link for the topic on Pop up Shops : Profile outfits for your episode profile🌞 (UPDATED)

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as far as i know there’s still profile clothes- you have to buy one for about 30 :gem:, but you can replay it four more times and choose different outfits : )

Does anyone know where I can get this outfit

Or any alt/kawaii type clothes for my profile

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