Does anybody know this story?

Like the title says, please tell me the title!!.

Episode Story

I don’t remember much about it, but it was waaay back when Episode was when you had to wait for two or three days for a new story and it was classic. It was about this guy named Dick. I think he was a detective or something. In one episode I think he got a sparkly dress or bow tie stuck on himself and he had to go to the doctors? Everything’s a bit fuzzy.

Thanks in advance!!!

Oh for the non episode one, I forgot the name but omg I love that it’s like my favorite book it’s so good

Oh @ThatRandomPerson I checked my library. The non episode one is

Deep dark and dangerous

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Oh yeah!! Thank you!!

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For the Episode story, was there also a girl named Jacqueline?

Could it be The Captain’s Daughter? :thinking:

P.S Here’s a video clip of it from YouTube: THE CASE BEGINS! Episode: The Captain’s Daughter

I could be wrong though since I never read it :sweat_smile:

Actually, I can’t even find the story on the app :hushed:


Thank you!!

@Jeremy or @Sydney_H can you close this thread? Thanks!

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: