Does anybody know where I can find this car int. background

I been looking high and low with no luck ):
it was used in the new girl by Saige Mercer

i dont know but i love that car int background as well!! I JUST STARTED READING THAT STORY i love it !!!

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Like where is it?!?!!?

its possible that she created it herself, or somebody created it for her, because i cant see it on the episode backgrounds/ overlay…

I remember when she went on IG live with JALISSA and she said she literally looked it up somewhere and made it black. She said the INT was originally tan.

agh i wouldnt have a clue sorry :frowning: looking for it for you but cant seem to find anything

Yeah I been looking for a while. I look it up when I have the chance to. What possible could work is image search

You could always just ask her :smile:

I did no response e_e…
I asked her about a week ago.

Am not sure what you mean by this :sweat_smile:
I think you meant “I got no response”

Hmm, that’s weird, maybe she made the background herself and isn’t willing to share with others?
Am sure if she got the background from somewhere else, she would have given credit :smile:

You are right now that I thought of it. And sorry about my previous response LOL. Was literally mashing my keyboard.

No problem :wink:

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