Does anybody knows how to make a really freacking advanced directing?

Hey you guys! So, I was looking for someone who knows any tips about advanced directing (like in the story adrenaline from evilrose), especially how to make an overlay appear slowly, like, idk, a burning cigarret, or real moving fire.

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@Apes is AMAZING at that stuff!


No one will beat Evil Rose I’m afraid :sob::broken_heart: she’s amazing director and have patience from heaven :joy: but thank you :heart:


Did you try overlays animation @hitzy?

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Yep no one can stand against evilrose, she even got the best directing award. I mean I can try to help but eh you can try contacting her personally for details

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I don’t think so :thinking: are they in episode guides?

Yes, they are. Here’s the thread:

For example for making a fire looking real you would have to use a lot of overlays and animate them one after another one.

I suggest you to first learn the basics of how to place them, how to move them around the screen and change the size etc. When you know the basics it’s easier to understand how the certain coding is done.

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thank you very much :blush:

No problem! If you have anymore questions let me know and I’ll try to help you or explain it to you better :smile:

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Evil Rose please teach us your talent :sob::heart:

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