Does anybody make custom overlays? <3

Hello Episodians. I need someone to make me some custom overlays for my story. Credits will be given. If you can do it i’ll appreciate it so much. Please help. :heart:

Calendar Overlay

I need a calendar overlay for the summer. I need it to be dated till the last day of July (You don’t need numbers) and I want a big circle around the last day with a font that looks like a handwriting that says “First Day Of School”.

Cat Overlays

I need a cat overlay preferably a black cat with green eyes or a Grey tabby cat.

  • 1 in a sitting position
  • 1 standing
  • 1 sleeping
Notebook/School Book Overlays
  • 1 notebook black with gold lettering labeled Diary
  • 1 book red labeled Law
  • 1 book blue labeled Math

How soon do you need it by?

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Maybe I’ll need it by Sunday.

Ok, I can probably get the calendar and books but I don’t think I can do the cat

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Thank you so much. <3 (That’s okay if you can’t do the cat.)

And could send me like where they will be at? Like do you want them laying flat on a table or stacks of them, just so I know what positions for each one

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For the Books I want them to be flat (for laying on a table) and for the Calendar can you make it big with a hand holding it? If you can’t then flat too.

Yeah of course!! And what skin color for the hand ?

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Olive. Thank you so much. :blush::heart:

Oh and male or female? ( sorry lot of questions lol)

And np!! I’ll need something o do this weekend so :blush:

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Female and it’s okay i was expecting it. :joy::smile:

Ok I will definitely get these done by Sunday!! :grin::grin:

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Again Thank you!

I was reading this and wondering where did you want the hand to be on the top?

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If she can’t make it, message me! I might be able to help!

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What do you mean by “on the top”? :joy: Sorry i’m slow…

So on the top is like is the characters hand holding the calendar from the top or bottom?

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Oh! The top??? I mean the sides really…:no_mouth:


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Do you still need help? FYI I am not a great drawer but I can try if you need help!

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