Does anybody miss classic or ink?

I miss ink and classic tbh, even tho classic was kinda crazy.

Lately, people slowly started making Limelight stories, and rarely using ink or classic.

Classic has been long gone tho… :sob:

I’m just asking… do you miss the old nostalgia?

  • No.
  • Kinda…
  • I love LL too.
  • I hate all of them
  • I don’t know what that is…?

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Ink isn’t gone. There’s still people making stories in Ink.


true ^

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and classic :sunglasses:

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Yeah…I don’t really like Classic though. The guys just look so bad.


yh ik. ppl do n ppl dont


I can only stand to play Ink stories to be honest. I like some LL stories but I prefer Ink. I don’t like Classic style at ALL. But, yeah I miss them making more INK stories.


i have almost just published an ink story. and on the side i am working on a classick story. though that is a prequel story to another i have yet to published( i am waiting for a contest there fit) so it cant be published in some time

I cannot miss Classic because I was not around when the style prevailed, but I did have the pleasure of reading a few to… report them. Even if I had been around, I think I would not miss it in the least. Although the female hairstyles have potential.

I cannot say I miss INK either because it is still quite popular… but I do miss how much more popular it used to be back when Limelight was learning to crawl.


I do miss Class. It’s still somehow my favorite version because it’s easy to write in. Ink, however, is something that I miss being updated. Just saying…

I feel like classic wasn’t really the best. When classic was the only style, Episode wasn’t that popular. A majority of users weren’t around before Ink. I don’t miss Ink because it’s still very present. It’s a whole debate, the ink/LL conversation. I like LL, though many animations aren’t much to my liking, but it’s getting updated with content that’s not in Ink (nor was it in classic) and Episode has moved on. It’s kinda sad, since Ink has been such a big part of Episode.

Many of my favorite stories are in Ink. I don’t cringe seeing LL/Ink, because I love both of those styles. I just think that too many LL stories aren’t good. They’re just cliché and cringeworthy. But, with more stories like The Dragon Bride, My Alien Lover (though I like it pretty much only for the directing lol), Dare to Dream, The Infected, and a few others, LL is getting better and better.


Yes, I would love to see INK update again so authors don’t switch to LL


Yuh but we can’t loose ink!! LL animations are ssoo wweeeeiiiirrrdd




We aren’t losing Ink. Unless Ink is removed off the app, we aren’t losing anything.


I’m writing in ink and I have readers! I love both ink and LL. My future stories will likely be LL :woman_shrugging:

I can’t stand classic.

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I really like classic. I miss the old episode

I definitely prefer LL but I still like ink

Ink is just a little boring now.

It’s always the “idle_awkward” animation and the “deepbreath” animation

ok, that literally made no sense but you guys get me??? like, i’m so tired of seeing ink mainly because everyone uses the same facial features

(yes, defined triangle and uneven mouth, we’re looking at you. And you, upturned feline. Oh, we can’t forget about full round lips!)